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AZZPADZ Tailbone Protector

AZZPADZ Tailbone Protector

AZZPADZ Tailbone Protector  
MSRP: $55.00
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AZZPAD Tailbone Protector

Azzpad Tailbone Protectors offer advanced tailbone protection for snowboarding, skiing, or post-injury. It is a must-have if you're looking for advanced tailbone protection. You know what it feels when you take a big hit to your tailbone - it hurts....a lot. Plus tailbone injuries can take weeks to heal. The Azzpad offers a level of tail bone protection that goes beyond its competitors. It's the right choice if you're looking for maximum coccyx protection.

AZZPAD Tailbone Protector Features:

  • A flexible plastic shell that spreads the impact to a wider area
  • Curved shape that conforms to your buttocks so it's more comfortable and stealthy underneath your pants
  • Adjustable waist strap and Velcro leg bands, so you can tailor the fit
  • No need to remove your pants to put on or take it off
  • Tri-Foam Cushion offers three layers of graduated lightweight foam protection
  • Weighs only eight ounces
  • Not noticeable under pants
  • Size Medium can also be used for younger riders
  • Please see the Size Tab above for Azzpadz measurements

AZZPAD Tailbone Protector: This Looks Kind of... Funny

Yes, an Azzpad Tailbone Protector does look a little weird. And it does take a few minutes to get used to having it on. But after a few minutes, you won't notice your wearing the Azzpadz at all. If you've had a previous tailbone injury or are totally focused on making sure you don't get one, then the Azzpad is a good choice for you.
Many padded shorts offer tailbone protection, and some even offer a plastic tailbone shield - like the Vigilante Tech Padded Shorts. But if you want the highest level of tailbone protection, we recommend the Azzpad. You give up the benefits of padded shorts (like hip protection), but if you're not as concerned about hip protection, the Azzpadz Tailbone Protector is one of those singularly focused products that does its job exceptionally well.

Waist Size (inches)
  Medium SizeLarge Size
Width of Padding (Middle)8 in8 in
Length of Padding11 in12.5 in
Belt Length42.5 in48.5 in

Waist & Leg straps are fully adjustable, allowing the medium size to be fitted for a child
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