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Is Mounting Your GoPro on Your Ski Helmet Safe?

by Jim Bartlett November 20, 2014

Capture your latest trick in the terrain park on your GoPro so you can show all your bros, right?

Helmet mounted POV Camera - are they safe? 

Anyone who's been in a terrain park knows the drill. Make space for the next Warren Miller as he records his latest exploits.


But, hold off a moment. There are two things to think about before you mount your camera and head into the park or pipe. Check out this article from Switzerland, where the BFU (I know, we could have a lot of fun creating new explanations for that acronym) talks about two risks with POV cameras on ski helmets:

  • The temptation to take bigger risks, so the footage is dope, bro.
  • The potential injury that might occur with a camera mounted on your helmet during a crash.

Of course, the lawyers are circling with this situation. So, what I can say is this...there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of data surrounding any part of this issue. That means we can use examples to prove a point (aka Shumacher's injury investigation), we can make a judgement based on what we think are reasonable expectations, or, of course, we can do nothing and just keep moving on.

As for me, I'm a bit of an old-school curmudgeon. I don't feel the need to record what I do, so I can share with others. I'm content to share my latest table top trick with the people I'm riding with that day. (More often than not, it'll be my kids laughing at me - not something I'd like to have captured for eternity). 

What is a Responsible Skier/Snowboarder to do?

What I would definitely recommend is that if you must rock a GoPro, be careful about prioritizing good cinema over your (and other people's) safety. And second, make certain that your GoPro mounting system is designed to break away in the event of a fall or snag.

Enjoy the season!

Jim Bartlett
Jim Bartlett


Founder of XSportsProtective, snowboarder, mountain biker, father of four young kids who love action sports.

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