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Top 3 Reasons to Wear Snowboard Wrist Guards

by Jim Bartlett October 30, 2014

Snowboard Wrist Guards - Top 3 Reasons to Wear ThemIf you've ever been snowboarding, you know how fun it can be. But, you also know how violent falls can be! Skiers tend to "tumble", while boarders tend to smash. Depending upon which edge you catch - toe side or heel side - you'll smack the ground face first or tailbone first. In either case, your tendency will be to reach out and try to brace yourself with your hands.

This motion puts your wrists in danger. So...

Our Top 3 Reasons to Wear Snowboard Wrist Guards

  1. Nearly 40% of all snowboarding injuries happening to the wrist. In fact, wrist injuries are the most frequent snowboard injury
  2. Snowboard wrist guards can be low profile, and fit right underneath your snowboard gloves.
  3. A good pair of snowboard wrist guards that fit underneath your gloves will cost you less than $25.

While you're reading this and flexing your wrists to reassure yourself they're okay...

now would be a very good time to order a pair of snowboard wrist guards, right?


Wrist Guards

Jim Bartlett
Jim Bartlett


Founder of XSportsProtective, snowboarder, mountain biker, father of four young kids who love action sports.

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