BMX Gloves

Protect your hands from abrasions, cuts and bruises with BMX bike gloves

Whether you race or ride freestyle, a long day on the bike can leave you with blistered, numb hands. In addition, BMX gloves can protect your hands when you crash or fall. XSportsProtective has a great selection of BMX biking gloves from brands you know and trust, like SixSixOne, EVS, Giro, and Fox BMX gloves. Learn more about BMX gloves below. Have a kid who's crazy about BMX? Check out our collection of Kids BMX gloves.

Why wear BMX gloves?

No matter what kind of riding you do, you’ll be more comfortable (and better protected) with a good pair of BMX bike gloves. Why wear them?
  • The constant friction of the handlebars against your skin can cause blisters
  • Blisters turn into calluses. Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend how she or he feels about calloused hands.
  • BMX gloves can prevent tingling and numbness caused by constant vibration and pressure on the ulnar nerve in the hand and wrist
  • BMX gloves can help you maintain your grip on the handlebars when your hands are sweaty or the weather is damp
  • A BMX glove is a good place to wipe the sweat away from your eyes
  • BMX gloves can help you extend your riding season by keeping you warm when the weather turns cooler
  • When you fall, the natural instinct is to throw your hands in front of you to break the fall. Isn’t it better to slide on BMX gloves than on your bare skin?

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