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Kali Protectives – eternal time, eternal energy

Named after Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, destruction, and rebirth– the holy mother from which all else comes, Kali Protective is a comparatively new entrant to the helmet and body armor marketplace, but the company's product line is sophisticated, smart, and durable. Kali Protectives employs proprietary construction technologies to manufacture Kali helmets and Kali body armor that are as good as any of the finest protective gear available.

Kali Protectives – the people behind the brand

Kali Protectives was founded in San Jose, California by three people, each with standout credentials in his given area of expertise – engineering, design, and product management.

Brian Waldron, Kali Protective lead engineer, was for nine years an aerospace composites engineer. When Northrup Grumman decided to covert the F/A-18’s tailplane from aluminum to carbon fiber, they called Brian. Later, when the company needed changes made to the B-2 Stealth Bomber, again they called Brian. Ever the Southern California boarder-biker, twelve years ago, Brian moved from aerospace to sporting goods, his true passion – first as a helmet designer, engineer, and production manager for the Specialized Bicycle Components’ helmet division and now as co-founder and guru of protective technology and design for Kali.

David Assyag is Kali Protectives’ lead industrial designer. As a French snowboarder and skateboarder from the Alps, David has a certain flare for helmet design. He has worked in helmet design all of his adult life – first at Salomon, next at Scott USA, where he managed complete product lines for snow, bike, and motocross, and now, of course, at Kali.

Mike Wilson is Kali Protectives’ product line director. When Salomon decided to launch a summer product line, Mike was the guy they hired to do it. At Salomon, Mike met David and hence, his connection to the Kali team. Mike is also a serious roadie with a dream to do the Race Across America some day. Might a full-on Kali road bike line of helmets be very far off? We think not.

Kali Protectives – a dedication to pushing the boundaries of protective technology

Kali Protective offers a line of helmets and body armor for motocross and mountain bike that incorporates advanced protective technologies. So advanced, in fact, that Kali Protectives has patented a number of them.

A standard motocross or downhill mountain bike helmet is constructed of two pieces, the outer hard shell and the inner EPS foam. The outer hard shell does three things - it prevents sharp objects from penetrating, it protects the energy absorbing EPS foam from abrasion, and it spreads the force of an impact over a greater area. The inner EPS foam liner does the majority of the work. It absorbs the energy created by an impact and redirects it away from your head.

In the construction process, these two pieces– the hard shell and the EPS foam liner– are made separately and glued together afterward. It is this gluing process that can be a helmet’s weak link. There are a number of reasons why, over time, this glue can break down and become ineffectual. If this happens, the two elements, the shell and the foam liner, can split from each other upon impact, thereby negating much of their original protective purpose.

Kali Protectives’ Composite Fusion technology incorporates the EPS foam as an integral part of the hard shell. At Kali, the EPS foam is formed inside the exterior hard shell. The two pieces are formed simultaneously in one mold, thus eliminating the need to glue the two pieces together. As the small EPS beads expand during the steaming process, they directly fuse to the exterior hard shell itself. This is important because now, as one piece, the energy from impact can be transferred from the hard shell across to the EPS liner more comprehensively.

Composite Fusion Plus is Kali Protectives’ next progression of this revolutionary construction. Composite Fusion Plus technology incorporates Contego EPS foam beads of two different densities to create a pyramid/counter-pyramid interweave of EPS foam molded and fused simultaneously with the exterior hard shell. Upon impact, as energy is transferred from the hard shell to the EPS liner, these pyramid-shaped EPS foam structures collapse at different rates, so as to spread the energy from impact diagonally– from the peak of these more dense EPS foam pyramids at the hard shell’s interior surface down to their four corners closer to your head. On a macro level, this means that energy from an impact to a Kali CFP hard shell helmet will actually be spread more effectively over a larger area of the EPS foam liner, thereby reducing even more the blunt force that would otherwise reach your head.

Kali Protectives body armor line also employs advanced shock absorption technologies. For instance, in the Kali Scarpa Level 2, the Kali Astra Level 2, the Kali Aazis, and the Kali Veda body armor products, Kali Protectives employs Nitrex foam, a soft, supple, and highly shock absorbing foam, so absorbent that it achieves the certified European safety standard EN 1621 for motorcycle protection.

Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives may be a newer entrant into the field of helmet and body armor protection. However, they manufacture some of the most sophisticated products currently available. If you want the best protection for your head and body when you engage in extreme sports, make sure to consider Kali Protectives.