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Pro Designed

Pro Designed Pads: rugged protection for the more serious skateboarder, derby girl, or inline skater

"Wild Bill" Walker's designs for knee pads and wrist guards are well know for their durability and professional level design. Yeah, the do cost a bit more money, but bullet proof protection is what you get. The PD Wrist Guards are a favorite for serious skateboarders and committed Derby Girls alike. Plus, if you have a young boarder or skater, the PD Youth series of knee and elbow pads are excellent - and beefy - choices to keep your kids safe.

Pro-Designed Incorporated

Pro-Designed, Inc. offers a complete line of knee pads for many different sports, as well as several styles of elbow pads and other protective gear items, including wrist guards, tail bone protector, hip pads, and recaps. Since they began manufacturing protective products in 1986, Pro-Designed has become a leader in skate knee and elbow pads, especially for roller derby. In addition, the company offers other protective gear items, such as recaps for three popular styles of pads and Pro-Designed logo T-shirts and stickers.