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Roller Derby Elbow Pads

Roller Derby Elbow Pads - You Probably Don't Want to Protect Your Opponent from Your Elbows, but WFTDA Says You Have to Wear Them...

Your derby elbow pads get a lot of use and you'll be glad you have them when you need them. WFTDA rules require that roller derby elbow pads have hard shell caps or inserts; so make sure you get quality elbow guards like the 187 elbow pads, Smith Safety Gear Elbow Pads, or Rector Fat Boy elbow pads. Learn more about roller derby elbow pads below and shop today to get great pads at great prices, delivered fast.

What kind of roller derby elbow pads do I need?

Your roller derby elbow pads will likely last longer than any of your other derby gear. They certainly won’t take the beating that your derby knee pads will get, but that’s no reason not to invest in a good-quality pair. While introductory-level/recreational-level elbow pads may help you get through your training, when you start competing, you’ll need derby elbow pads that fit correctly and offer you enough protection and padding.

XSportsProtective staff picks for roller derby elbow pads

Rector Fat Boy makes great roller derby elbow pads to go along the popular Fat Boy knee pads. Fat Boy derby elbow pads feature thick orthopedic padding that provides maximum protection while still allowing freedom of movement. Other features include:
  • Pull-on design
  • Heavy duty elastic straps
  • Double stitched elastic for lasting durability

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