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Roller Derby Knee Gaskets

Roller Derby Knee Gaskets: for Derby Girls Looking for Some Additional Protection :-)

Roller derby knee gaskets are not required roller derby protective equipment, according to the WFTDA. But, many derby girls like the added protection and knee support they get from a nice pair of knee gaskets. Plus, many skaters use knee gaskets to help keep their knee pads from slipping around during a bout. Read more about roller derby knee gaskets below.

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Do you need knee gaskets for roller derby?

While the WFTDA doesn’t require players to wear roller derby knee gaskets, they are permitted as optional derby protective gear, and many players like to wear knee gaskets for roller derby. Knee gaskets are worn under derby knee pads to offer additional protection and can also help keep your knee pads in place. And because derby knee gaskets are typically much thinner than knee pads and don’t have a hard shell, they’re easier to wash than knee pads.

XSportsProtective staff picks for roller derby knee gaskets

Our favorite derby knee gaskets are the 187 Killer Pads knee gaskets. These knee gaskets have a slim profile but still contain two layers of neoprene-encased super absorbent EVA foam to give your knee added protection and support. Other great features of the 187 Killer Pads knee gaskets:
  • Curved ergonomic design
  • Thick padding surrounds the patella
  • Ventilated mesh sewn in for breathability on back of knee

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