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Roller Derby Knee Pads

Roller Derby Knee Pads: after your helmet, probably the most important piece of roller derby protective gear in your bag

You know roller derby is a rough business. You fall on your knees a lot — sometimes intentionally when executing proper fall technique, sometimes unintentionally. High-quality roller derby knee pads are an investment in you and a longer derby career. A good set of knee pads, worn properly, combined with proper fall technique, will keep you safe(r) and extend your derby career. XSportsProtective carries a full selection of knee pads for roller derby from great brands, like the 187 Pro Knee Pads, Smith Safety Gear Knee Pads, and Rector Fat Boys. Learn more about roller derby knee pads below.

Who needs derby knee pads?

While you might be tempted to buy inexpensive knee pads at a big box sporting good store, recreational-grade knee pads for inline skating will not give you sufficient protection for roller derby. This isn’t an area where you want to skimp. If you’ve ever had a knee injury, you know how painful they are and how long an injured knee can take to heal. Roller derby knee pads get a lot of use—you fall on them, slide on them, turn on them, and use them to scrub off speed. A good pair of derby knee pads will give you the confidence to fall without being scared that you’ll hurt yourself. In talking to our derby customers, the best advice we can provide is to buy the best knee pads you can afford and start skating with them right away. Derby knee pads come in two basic designs—closed-back (or slip on) and open-backed (strap on, often called butterfly closure). Some things to consider when purchasing roller derby knee pads:
  • WFTDA rules require that knee pads have a hard protective shell or insert
  • Find knee pads that provide adequate cushioning; this most likely means a pad with an interior hard shell on top of EVA foam and with an abrasion-resistant knee cover.
  • Make sure the knee pads fit well and stay secure; closed-back knee pads tend to fit more securely, the trade-off is that you have to remove your skates to take them on and off.
  • Some cheaper knee pads use foam that falls apart if it gets wet. Make sure your knee pads are washable to cut down on gear stink.
  • If you find your knee pads keep sliding down or you’re experiencing knee pain from sliding and falling drills, you may need to get a new set of derby knee pads.

XSportsProtective staff picks for roller derby knee pads

Our hands-down favorite (knees-down favorite?) roller derby knee pads are 187 Pro knee pads, which feature substantial orthopedic padding and dual-density interior memory foam that conforms to your knees. The 187 Pro knee pads wrap high on your leg and over the knee so there is no way for the pads to slip down, making them ideal knee pads for roller derby. Other features of the 187 Pro knee pads:
  • Easy on/off - no need to remove your shoes
  • Professional-level knee protection
  • Velcro-detachable (and replaceable) heavy-duty ABS hard shell kneecaps
  • Double-layer, two-inch thick, oversized foam pads encased in tough. ballistic nylon upper
  • Seamless hinges for maximum flexibility

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