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Roller Derby Padded Shorts

Roller Derby Padded Shorts - roller derby padded shorts are a derby girl's best friend

Padded shorts are a key part of your roller derby protective gear package. Everybody falls; the trick is not to hurt your hips or tailbone when you do. Roller derby shorts, especially padded shorts with specific roller derby tailbone protection, can keep you from a sidelining injury. More and more companies are now specifically designing padded shorts for roller derby. Some of the most popular roller derby padded shorts are the CrashPads 2700, McDavid HexPad roller derby shorts, and the Vigilante women's tech shorts. Click here to learn more about which roller derby shorts might be right for you.

Which roller derby padded shorts are right for you?

More and more protective gear manufacturers are offering padded shorts for roller derby. These derby shorts are typically cut a bit higher than padded shorts for skateboarding so they don't stick out from under your skirt or shorts. And derby-specific shorts frequently have a dedicated coccyx protector for increased roller derby tailbone protection as well as increased hip pads and butt pads. Which roller derby crash pads are right for you depends on your personal preferences. Some of our most popular derby padded shorts are listed below.
  • McDavid HexPad Roller Derby Shorts. McDavid HexPad derby shorts were the first padded shorts designed specifically for roller derby. The HexPads are very slim, lightweight, and offer great flexibility and mobility. Some girls love them because they are so slim and discreet. Other girls want more protection. If you are looking for lightweight impact protection with a low profile, these are a great choice.
  • Triple Eight RD Bumsavers Roller Derby Padded Shorts. Triple Eight RD Bumsavers have become very popular with derby girls who want an intermediate level of protection. The RD Bumsavers have thicker pads than the McDavids, but not as much padding as the Crash Pads. If you are looking for protection that’s not too light and not too thick, the Triple Eight roller derby Bumsavers might be your answer.
  • Crash Pads 2700 Roller Derby Padded Shorts. Crash Pads 2700 padded shorts offer advanced roller derby protection. The 2700s have the most protection all around, including excellent tailbone protection. Plus the 2700s feature advanced fabric that wicks sweat away from your body. They were designed by an Olympic-level gymnastics trainer, so the pads, pad placement, and seams are all specifically designed and located to maximize your mobility and protection.
  • Vigilante Women’s Tech Padded Shorts. The new kid on the block, Vigilante tech padded shorts give you 1/2-inch foam padding all around with a custom designed, flexible plastic tailbone protector. The pads are shaped, cut, and designed to move along with your body without bending or crushing, while the breathable, wickable mesh fabric sandwiches the foam padding, moving air and keeping you comfortable. The Vigilante tech shorts are extremely lightweight (they weigh 8 ounces), low profile, and can do double-duty as ski padded shorts or snowboard padded shorts.

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