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Skateboard / Longboard Pads Combo Packs

Skateboard pads combo packs—because you can’t skate on pillows

By its very nature, skateboarding can be a dangerous sport. You skate on concrete or wood or sometimes metal railings or down stairs. And everybody falls. Skateboard pads just make sense. A skateboard pad combo pack from XSportsProtective can not only help protect you from skateboard injuries, it can save you a few bucks too. Until somebody figures out how to skate on pillows, you’re safer skating with some quality skateboard pads.Learn more about skateboard pad combo packs below.

Skateboard pad combo packs can save you money and keep you safe

You already know you need good quality skateboard pads and other skateboard protection. XSportsProtective offers a number of skateboard pad combo packs that combine several pieces of skateboard safety gear from one manufacturer. This lets you pick up, say, 187 or TripleEight skateboard knee pads and skateboard elbow pads in one fell swoop and at a slightly lower price than you would pay if you bought them separately. When selecting skateboard protective gear, consider these factors:
  • Knee/Elbow Cap Material: choose hard plastic for skateboarding safety if you ride more aggressively or soft cap materials for lighter-weight options
  • Thickness of Skateboard Knee Pads/Elbow Pads: thicker padding offers impact absorption and protection but also adds some additional bulk and weight.
  • Cap/Pad Size and Shape: the caps and the padding behind the caps extend to different widths and lengths; more padding adds additional skateboarding safety protection in these areas but has additional weight and bulk

Do you still have questions about which skateboard pads are right for you?

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