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Skateboard / Longboard Shin Guards

Skateboard Shin Guards: Do you really need more tattoos?

Learning kick flips? Practicing no-handed 50-50s? Doing stationary tricks? Skateboard and longboard shin guards can save a lot of wear and tear on your shins, and keep them from bruising. Learn more about skateboard shin guards and longboard shin guards below.

Skateboard shin guards: Because skateboard or longboard hits to the shins hurt.

Why abuse your shins? Both skateboarding and longboarding are rough on the shins. Skateboard and longboard shin guards are a simple way to prevent an injury that might keep you off your skateboard or longboard. Don't risk it. Skateboard / Longboard shin guards can be designed for "simple" impact protection, or more advanced shin protection. Your choice of skateboard or longboard shin guards depends upon what level of skateboard shin protection you need. For more protection and support, look for a high quality shin guard. For more basic impact protection, an inexpensive skateboard or longboard shin guard will offer good protection for very little money.

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