XPROTEX protective batting gloves are an all-new approach to sports protection, challenging traditional ways of protecting the vital areas of your batting hands

Using cutting edge technology and their patented Advanced Impact Composite (AIC)impact-absorbing material, XPROTEX protective batting gloves and batter's elbow guards and wrist guards provide lightweight, flexible protection for baseball and fast-pitch softball players at all levels of the game. You've never seen batting gloves like these before. Learn more about XPROTEX protective batting gloves below.

What’s AIC?

All of XPROTEX baseball protective gear features impact-absorbing Advanced Impact Composite (AIC) material, which is designed to reduce impact load absorption significantly. AIC can reportedly reduce the impact load generated by a 100 mph fastball to the equivalent of being hit by a 40 mph ball, which drastically reduces the chance of a career-threatening injury.


XPROTEX is a new company that challenges traditional methods of sports protection with the latest in advanced materials and a cutting edge approach. XPROTEX's designs bring the same technology and innovation seen in action sport protective to baseball protective gear and softball protective gear. The foundation of XPROTEX is its patented Advanced Impact Composite (AIC) material. AIC provides a lightweight, flexible, cooler and less restrictive solution to body protection with greater coverage of vulnerable body parts and better impact resistance than comparable products. XPROTEX offers batting gloves, under-mitt fielder’s gloves, batter’s elbow guards, batter’s/catcher’s forearm guards, and a baserunner’s glove. More innovative products are currently under development.