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Inline Skate Wrist Guards

Inline skate wrist guards can prevent the most common blading injury

An estimated 47% of all inline skating/rollerblading injuries are to the wrist. It makes sense--when you fall, your natural instinct is to throw out your hands to break your fall. Unfortunately, along with breaking your fall, you're also likely to break or fracture your wrist at the same time. There are 27 bones in one human hand, including 8 in your wrist. All told, your two hands account for more than one-quarter of all the bones in your body. Make sure they’re protected with high-quality skating wrist guards. Learn more about wrist guards for skating below.

Why do you need inline skate wrist guards?

Wrist protection and wrist guards may not be the first thing you think of when you think about inline skating. However, wrist/hand injuries are the most common rollerblading injury, accounting for nearly half of all inline skate injuries. A study cited by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that wearing skating wrist guards can reduce the incident of inline skate wrist injuries by a whopping 87%. If you can drastically reduce the chance of the most common skating injury for about 20 bucks, why not do it? Some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing wrist guards for skating:
  • Think about whether you want glove-style wrist guards or wrist guards that cover only your palms and leave your fingers uncovered.
  • Your wrist guards should fit properly and cover as much of your palm as possible.
  • Some inline skate wrist guards extend farther up your wrist than others. What’s most comfortable for you?

XSportsProtective staff picks for inline skating wrist guards

If you're looking for glove-style inline skate wrist protection, you might like Triple Eight Hired Hands, which offer maximum shock absorption and style in a versatile pair of skate gloves. The impact-resistant, removable front and back splints offer hand protection and wrist protection. Other features of Triple Eight Hired Hands include:
  • Fully padded, top grain leather (note, the leather may stretch slightly as you break in the gloves)
  • Removable and replaceable ABS splints on top and bottom of wrist
  • Lined with a layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam and double stitched throughout for durability
  • Wrap system to ensure a tight fit
  • EX pull-on for quick pull on and off

If you're looking for simple palm/wrist protection, 187 Wrist Guards offer comfortable, all-around wrist protection for inline skating or other roller sports. They have a contoured design for excellent fit and comfort, with double stitching and high-strength ballistic nylon for durability. Other features of 187 wrist guards:
  • Extra thick splint protection concentrated at the base of the hand where most impacts occur
  • Three adjustable, overlapping Velcro straps for a snug fit
  • Contoured design for excellent fit and comfort
  • Hand washable (air dry)

Don’t skimp on inline skating safety - shop the protective gear experts

As the web’s original protective gear store, XSportsProtective stocks a huge selection of top quality inline skate wrist guards and other inline skate protective gear. No matter what skating wrist guards you choose, we stand behind every product we sell and will work with you to get you the right equipment. Haven't shopped with us before? Give us a try. XSportsProtective is The Original Protective Gear Store. We’ve been in business since 2005 with over 50,000 customers served. Same day shipping, free economy shipping, and no-hassle returns on your inline skate wrist guards. Call us at 1-800-930-4084 or email us at today to order your wrist guards for skating.

Still not sure what inline skating safety gear you need?

Check out our Inline Skate and Rollerblading Protective Gear Learning Center to find the right gear for you, including inline skate wrist guards and other rollerblade protection.