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Inline Skate Helmets

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Inline skate helmets: Because none of us have a spare skull

By far the most important piece of protective gear for rollerblading or inline skating is a helmet. Picture this: You're out blading in the park on a gorgeous weekend afternoon. You're cruising, feeling the warmth of the sun and enjoying the feel of propelling yourself along on eight little wheels. Suddenly, a dog or a squirrel runs across the path. There's a hole in the path you didn't see. A pedestrian turns onto the path at the just wrong moment. In an instant, you could be down and seriously injured. A quality inline skating helmet can prevent serious head injuries. Why take the risk? Get your CPSC-certified inline skating helmet or rollerblading helmet today (and make sure you wear it!). Learn more about inline skate helmets below.

What You Need to Know about Inline Skate Helmets

A recreational rollerblader can reach speeds up to 25 mph--that's equivalent to cycling speeds. This is why we recommend a CPSC-certified helmet for inline skating/rollerblading. Any helmet sold in the United States as a bicycle helmet must meet CPSC safety certifications. There isn't a safety certification for inline skate/rollerblading helmets. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends a certified bicycle helmet for inline skating/rollerblading. For that matter, so does the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Why? A typical skateboard/roller derby helmet has a protective liner made of soft foam that conforms to your head, providing comfort and absorbing multiple small impacts, much like you might get practicing a skateboard trick or in a derby jam. Bicycle helmets use a protective interior liner made of stiff EPS foam and are designed to absorb one large impact at a high speed. Sounds a lot like a potential rollerblading accident, doesn't it?

XSportsProtective Staff Picks for Inline Skate Helmets

We're big fans of the ProTec Classic bike/skate helmet because it's a great combination of protection, style, and affordability. The classic skate-style design features a high-density, injection-molded ABS plastic shell and a low-profile, lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner. Plus, it meets both CPSC bike and ASTM skateboard safety certifications. Other features of the ProTec Classic bike/skate helmet:
  • Die-cut PU foam padding with laminated Nylex
  • 11 open vents
  • Snug yet comfortable interior fit pads
  • Lightweight: medium weighs 460 grams

Another favorite helmet for inline skating is the Bell Faction, which has classic rounded-off skateboard helmet styling, plus a low back side and unique vent shapes. A couple of other great features: the Bell Faction carries Bell's excellent fit and feel, so you'll actually like wearing it; it comes in some great colors and snazzy graphic treatments, plus size Large(L) size fits up to a 63 cm head (a true extra large), which is hard to find in this style helmet. Other features of the Bell Faction:
  • Hard plastic outer shell, hard foam outer liner, and soft foam interior liner
  • Complies with CSPC bike and ASTM 1492 skateboard standards
  • Weighs 15oz / 425g

Don’t skimp on inline skating safety - shop the protective gear experts

As the web’s original protective gear store, XSportsProtective stocks a huge selection of top quality rollerblading helmets and other inline skate protective gear. No matter what inline skate helmet you choose, we stand behind every product we sell and will work with you to get you the right equipment. Haven't shopped with us before? Give us a try. XSportsProtective is The Original Protective Gear Store. We’ve been in business since 2005 with over 50,000 customers served. Same day shipping, free economy shipping, and no hassle returns on your inline skate protective gear. Call us at 1-800-930-4084 or email us at today to order your rollerblading protective gear.

Still not sure what inline skating safety gear you need?

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