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Longboard Helmets

Longboard Helmets: Because there's no such thing as a brain transplant

Whether you're longboarding across campus or hauling down a winding mountain road, you need a longboarding helmet to keep you safe. You'll notice we sell both fullface longboard helmets and open-shell helmets for longboarding. The style of longboard helmet you choose depends on the type of riding you do. Learn more about longboarding helmets below.

What Kind of Longboard Helmet Do I Need?

You know you need a longboarding helmet to protect yourself from severe head injury, but what kind of longboard helmet? Both an open-face and a fullface longboard helmet will cover the top, back, and sides of your head. If you use your longboard for commuting/transportation around campus or your neighborhood, an open-shell longboard helmet will most likely suit your needs. Choose a fullface longboard helmet if:
  • You're riding any hills that get your speed above 20-25 mph
  • You often ride in small groups or heavy traffic areas, raising the likehood of a collision
  • You want a bit coverage on the back of your head
  • You want to protect your chin, jaw, and lower face because your Mom told you you have a great face

XSportsProtective Staff Picks for Longboarding Helmets

If you're looking for a comfortable, protective commuter longboard helmet, look no further than the Triple Eight Brainsaver with rubberized finish. Not only do you get a lightweight (430 grams) helmet in a classic, old-school skate style, you get a cool rubberized finish that is designed to repel scuff marks. Other features of the Triple Eight Brainsaver with rubberized finish:
  • Multi-impact protection; the soft foam inner liner rebounds to its original shape after a low-force impact
  • Washable Sweatsaver liner
  • Side cut design for a classic skate helmet look
  • Adjustable straps
  • Meets safety standards for skateboarding, inline skating, and roller derby

If you need the extra coverage afforded by a fullface longboarding helmet, check out the Predator DH-6 longboard helmet. This was the first-ever helmet designed specifically for downhill skateboarding, and it has everything you need: itís lightweight, streamlined, and comes with two visors (one clear, one tinted). Other features of the Predator DH-6 longboard helmet:
  • Fiberglass shell with a 24mm (3/4") EPS foam liner
  • Metal double D-Ring chin strap closure
  • Comes in one shell size and has removable fit kits, including cheek pads, to ensure a proper fit
  • Small chin vent
  • Ratcheting flip-up visor system
  • Weighs only 1.2 kilos (2.25 lbs)
  • Meets CPSC and CE 1078 safety certifications
  • A high-quality carrying bag for travel

Donít skimp on longboarding safety - shop the protective gear experts

As the webís original protective gear store, XSportsProtective stocks a huge selection of top quality longboard protective gear. Whether you need a longboard helmet, longboarding gloves, longboard pads, or other gear, we stand behind every product we sell and will work with you to get you the right equipment. Haven't shopped with us before? Give us a try. XSportsProtective is The Original Protective Gear Store. Weíve been in business since 2005 with over 50,000 customers served. Same day shipping, free economy shipping, and no hassle returns on your longboard protective gear. Call us at 1-800-930-4084 or email us at today to order your longboard protective gear.