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Mountain Bike Body Armor

Mountain bike armor: It’s not just your head that needs protection

Serious mountain biking requires serious mountain bike body armor. If you’re riding downhill, dirt jumping, or doing anything on a mountain bike where you’ll be getting some air (or even on a single-track trail), you need to protect your chest, ribs, and spine. Read more about mountain bike body armor below.

Mountain bike body armor: What kind of mountain biker are you?

Think about it: You’re riding a bicycle. Down. A. Mountain. There are rocks, roots, branches, and turns. Add speed and gravity to the mix, and you have the recipe for a crash. Even a casual ride on a single-track trail can end up in a fall if a stray branch gets lodged in a spoke or you hit a rock at the wrong angle. A little bit of mountain bike armor can alleviate a lot of bruises and other injuries that could keep you off the bike. XSportsProtective has a great selection of SixSixOne, Fox, Crash Pads, EVS, Vigilante,, Leatt and other DH bike body armor. Remember that there are two kinds of mountain bikers: those who’ve crashed and those who will crash. Don’t say “I wish I had had mtb armor” after you’ve taken a nasty fall. Get suited up with quality mountain bike body armor today.

Wonder how your mountain bike body armor will fit with a bicycle neck brace?

We've started a series of tests looking at the interaction between different pieces of protective gear. Check out our first test, where we match up different models of MTB body armor with a bicycle neck brace.

XSportsProtective staff picks for mountain bike body armor

We’re big fans of the Leatt 3DF Air Fit Body Protector, which is full-body, next-to-skin mountain bike armor that can be worn for downhill mountain biking, BMX, snowboarding or skiing. The Leatt 3DF Air Fit Body Protector features:
  • Chest plate: Double layer 3DF foam, vented, removable
  • Spine protection: Triple layer 3DF foam; removable for washing; rubber guard removable to perfectly accommodate a Leatt neck brace
  • Shoulder, elbow/forearm protection: Double layer 3DF foam, half-inch thick, vented, removable
  • Chassis: Snug-fitting; breathable MoistureCool wicking fabric; 4-way stretch

In vest-style mountain bike armor, we like the SixSixOne Core Saver Suit. It offers hard-shell protection for your chest and spine and additional soft-shell protection for your collarbones, kidneys, and stomach. Other features of the SixSixOne Core Saver Suit:
  • Nine-plate, overlapping, hard-shell, foam-lined, plastic spine guard; top three plates are detachable for additional flexibility
  • Soft-shell padded protection for collarbones, kidneys, and stomach
  • Extra wide, fully adjustable waist belt

In lighter-weight mountain bike body armor, we love the Vigilante Air Jacket (available in men’s and women’s styling), which is designed to give both professional and recreational athletes upper body protection without restricting movement. The Vigilante Air offers spine/back, shoulder, elbow, and side protection in a low profile that fits easily under your current jacket or hoodie. The Vigilante Air Jacket features:
  • Ergonomic design to allow maximum mobility
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Articulated foam back/spine pads
  • Flexible plastic shell pads on shoulders and elbows
  • Foam side pads

Do you have more questions about what mtb armor is right for you? Check out the Mountain Bike Protective Gear article in our learning center today.

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