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BMX Gear

What are you doing?

The type of BMX protective gear you need depends upon what kind of riding you'll be doing. Are you racing? We'll outfit racers with more protection than you would wear for street and trick riding.

Short List of BMX Essentials

Start building your outfit in this order. Add other pieces to suit your protective needs (scroll up to view all).

BMX helmet - All riding
BMX gloves - All riding
BMX knee & elbow pads - All Riding
BMX body armor - Racing
BMX padded shorts - Racing 
BMX neck brace - Racing


Typical BMX Helmet

BMX Helmet

A properly certified and fitting is the most essential piece of BMX protective gear. Head injuries are nothing to fool around with. No matter what type of BMX riding you do, a good quality BMX helmet is a must. You may or may not need a full-face BMX helmet.


Typical BMX Glove

BMX Gloves and Wrist Protection

From our perspective, the second most important piece of BMX protective gear is a good pair of BMX gloves. When you crash, your hands will lead the way as you naturally reach out to break your fall. As a result, your hands and wrists are at risk of abrasions, cuts, and bruises.

How to Choose BMX Gloves and Wrist Protection 
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Body Armor

BMX Body Armor

If your BMX riding goes beyond noodling around in the driveway to racing, vert,dirt jumping, or any tricks where you're going airborne, then you'll want to consider BMX body armor or BMX chest protector to prevent injuries to your torso, back, and shoulders.

How to Choose BMX Body Armor
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Crash Pads 2600 Dry-Power Padded Shorts

Padded BMX Shorts

Keep your rear, hips, and thighs from getting hurt while you ride (and when you fall) with a pair of padded shorts for BMX. 

How to Choose BMX Padded Shorts
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BMX Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

Although they may not be as serious as a head injury, BMX injuries to your knees and elbows are no fun. Bmx knee and elbow pads are used across disciplines--racing, vert, freestyle, or street. 

Learn How to Choose BMX Knee and BMX Elbow Pads
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BMX Neck Protection

If you compete in BMX racing, you should strongly consider investing in BMX neck protection.

How to Choose BMX Neck Protection
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Everything Else

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