BMX Protective Gear

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Whether it’s racing or street, dirt or vert, good BMX protective gear will help keep you safe

BMX racers and street riders might not think they have a lot in common besides two wheels. Although the tricks and the challenges might differ, the need for BMX safety gear is one thing every rider has in common. XSportsProtective has the BMX protective gear you need, including BMX helmets, BMX body armor, BMX gloves, and more. Learn more about BMX safety gear below. Have a kid who’s crazy about BMX riding? Be sure to check out our info on Kids BMX Gear to learn how to choose the right kids BMX protection.

BMX Protective Gear 101: What do I need?

Once you make the 20" or 24" decision and buy a bike, your next purchase should be some basic BMX safety gear. The type of BMX protective gear you need depends upon what kind of riding you plan on doing. If you’re going to be racing, you’ll need more BMX safety gear than if you only plan on doing street and trick riding. From our perspective, the most important pieces of BMX safety gear are:

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No matter your choice of BMX protection, we stand behind every product we sell and will work with you to get you the right equipment. Don't be fooled by others who look like us! XSportsProtective has the best selection of top-quality BMX gear, including BMX helmets, BMX body armor, BMX gloves, BMX pads, and more. Count on XSportsProtective to provide you with quality BMX protective gear from brands you trust like SixSixOne, ProTec, Crash Pads, EVS, and more, and all at a competitive price.