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How to Choose: Longboard Gloves

Longboarding Gloves: Do I Really Need Them?

Longboard GloveIf you're racing, riding any significant hills, or getting up to high speeds (above 20 mph) you need longboarding gloves. Designed for more serious speeds, longboarding slide gloves have "pucks" that allow you to maintain your balance on turns while protecting your hands and fingers. A good pair of longboard slide gloves allow you to shift your weight from the board and push the wheels sideways, allowing for an almost immediate stop. The classic Coleman Slide, drifting corners, and most freestyle moves are based on the assumption that you will put one hand on the ground--that requires some significant hand protection. Being able to stop quickly keeps you safer, and gives you the ability to ride bigger hills with confidence. Longboarding gloves can also help protect your hands from cuts and scrapes in a fall or a crash, however, they don't provide wrist protection. If you're not riding at high speeds but are concerned about falling, you might want to get a pair of longboard wrist guards, which can help prevent a wrist fracture in the event of a fall or crash.


What to Look for in Longboard Gloves

Your longboarding slide gloves are going to take a lot of abuse. Here are some things to look for when shopping for longboarding slide gloves:
  • Look for a leather body for maximum durability
  • Kevlar thumb patches and/or fingertips add additional durability
  • Double-stitching keeps seams from coming apart
  • Some riders prefer a rounded palm puck over a square one because they feel it has less chance of catching or biting the road; your mileage may vary
  • Do you want pucks on the fingertips? Some riders like free fingers to grip the board, some like the additional puck.
  • Have a tendency to scrape your knuckles when sliding or drifting a corner? If so, look for longboarding gloves with reinforced knuckles.

What about Homemade Longboarding Gloves?

We love Do-It-Yourselfers and understand the desire to wear and use something you've made on your own. But we also believe in protective gear that is designed by people who've researched the ergonomics and materials that make the gear reliable and durable. A homemade longboard glove made from a leather work glove with a puck made from a tile sample at Home Depot and attached with whatever epoxy glue you can find sounds simple. Unfortunately, it might be too simple. The glue can fail, causing the puck to come off while you're sliding. Leather work gloves are typically kind of bulky and made to be one-size-fits-all. A glove that's too large makes it difficult to grip the board or even open a can of soda. Plus they aren't breathable or ventilated, so hot days or long sessions will end in some serious sweating. In terms of functionality, reliability, and durability, we recommend professionally made longboard gloves.

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