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When to Replace Your Ski Helmet or Snowboard Helmet

Posted: November 24 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

At what point should you replace your ski or snowboard helmet? Every manufacturer agrees that a helmet must be replaced after a significant impact or collision. But what if you haven’t had a major crash? What if you’ve had a few “little” falls? What then? We'll help you answer those questions.

How to Choose a Ski Helmet

Posted: November 07 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

If you're only going to invest in one piece of protective gear for skiing, make it a good quality helmet. There are many choices that affect performance, comfort and style. Here we discuss technology, helmet types, certifications, sizing and price/feature cost comparisons for typical price points.

Remarkable Snowboard Wrist Protection Tech Built Into Level Gloves

Posted: November 05 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

If you don't know this already, wrist injuries are the most frequent injury in snowboarding. Absolutely, you can read our great guide on How to Choose: Snowboard Gloves & Snowboard Wrist Guards.  But, let me save you some time.... 

Gift Guides sorted by Price

Posted: November 03 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

Gift shopping on a budget?  Looking for youth and adult sizes?

Protective gear is the perfect gift because it's something every action sports enthusiast needs and uses. We've created collections sorted by price to help speed up your holiday shopping. Here you'll find gifts for every skier, snowboarder, mountain biker and BMXer. Maybe some skaters, too!  (...if they've been good)

All About Sledding Helmets for Kids

Posted: June 15 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

Depending on the hill, a sledder can approach speeds of 25 mph. That's an awful lot of velocity for a kid riding on a $9.99 plastic disc. Let's talk about this...

Should You Rent a Ski or Snowboard Helmet?

Posted: June 15 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

When deciding whether to rent a ski / snowboard helmet, you need to take a number of factors into account. These pros and cons will help you weigh the risks. And there ARE risks.

EN CE Helmet Safety Standards Explained - Snow Helmets

Posted: May 18 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

A "CE" marking indicates that a helmet fulfills the requirements of the European Economic Community (EEC). Learn what the different CE markings mean and how the tests are done. What does CE testing include that ASTM testing does not?

MIPS Technology - A Great Visual Description from Giro

Posted: May 17 2016 in Snow Tech Talk

Learn what MIPS is and how it works in an entertaining 3 minutes 25 seconds. Well worth your time to watch this video.
This is a test of the blog mash up.