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This is a test of the blog mash up.

Leatt DBX Neck Brace Testimonials

Posted: February 24 2017 in Protective Gear News

Leatt products constantly recieve excellent feedback and testimonials. We take a look at some interesting ones where riders feel they owe a debt to Leatt and the DBX neck brace.

A Look at Leatt's Testing Process and Results

Posted: February 23 2017 in Protective Gear News

The Leatt brand does extensive research and testing to their products. In this blog we explore and discuss their testing methods and results. The results are rather surprising.

Product Spotlight: Leatt DBX 5.5 Neck Brace

Posted: February 19 2017 in Protective Gear News

This product spotlight is about the excellent Leatt DBX 5.5 neck brace. Incredible innovations in safety have created this ultra adjustable neck brace that helps to keep riders safe from potentially harmful neck and spine injuries.

What is Neck Brace Deck Height?

Posted: February 17 2017 in Protective Gear News

Fitting a Leatt DBX neck brace can be confusing for some riders. Learn more about one of the most important fitting components, deck height, and why it is so critical.

How to Fit a Leatt Bicycle Neck Brace

Posted: February 16 2017 in Protective Gear News

This How to Guide covers the often asked question of how to fit a Leatt DBX neck brace. These innovative products can help keep you safe from potential injury, but ONLY if they are fit properly. We tackle this subject so you can make sure you are wearing your brace correctly.

What is Alternative Load Path and why Should you Look for it?

Posted: February 13 2017 in Protective Gear News

Most riders know what a Leatt DBX neck brace does, but many don't know the science and theory behind how the Leatt Neck brace can protect you from injury. Learn more about Alternative Load Path Technology and how it can help to keep riders safe.

Level BioMex Snowboard Wrist Protection - Built In

Posted: October 28 2016 in Protective Gear News

Learn More About Level's BioMex Wrist Guards
Level BioMex Snowboard Wrist Guards - essential protection for your wrists. Learn how it works...

Kids Helmet Sizing Help

Posted: October 17 2016 in Protective Gear News

Proper helmet sizing is critical to protecting your child. When it comes to finding and fitting a new helmet, there are important things you need to know. We've consolidated a lot of information that will help you measure your kid's head, find the correct size to purchase, and then make sure the helmet sits properly on his or her head.

How to Inspect Your Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

Posted: October 06 2016 in Protective Gear News


No matter what your sport, it’s a good idea to inspect your pads on a regular basis to make sure they’re still capable of doing their job. Here's a quick 6-point checklist...

When to Replace Your Helmet

Posted: September 29 2016 in Protective Gear News

cracked helmet

Bicycle, ski and snowboarding helmets age and lose effectiveness as they get older and suffer use/abuse. How do you know when it’s time to replace your helmet? Watch these two videos.

This is a test of the blog mash up.