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Featured Brand - Leatt

When you're hurtling down a mountain, do you expect to give careful analysis to each challenging bit of terrain based on what might happen if you crash? No! There's no time for that. You have to trust your skills and your equipment so you can focus on success. To that end, Leatt specializes in gear that instills trust. 

Ever since Dr. Leatt first developed the Leatt-Brace(r), his company has excelled at designing protective gear that keeps extreme sports athletes in the game and keeps them focused on performing their best. They consistently produce products that deliver on the two most important criteria for every user; safety and comfort. That used to be an oxymoron, but not anymore.

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A Neurosurgeon, Biomedical Engineer and Industrial Designer Walk into a Lab...

...and they raised the bar. Leatt is synonymous with neck braces. That's because Dr. Leatt was committed to eliminating the kind of cervical spine injuries that can result from a cycling accident when the torso is unrestrained. Such injuries may cause pain, paralysis or worse. His team at Leatt Lab develop protective gear such as the Leatt-Brace(r) Moto GPX Unrestrained Torso Neck Brace. Considerable testing has proven their designs, including third party tests by the prestigious team at BMW.

What Leatt neck braces do so well is channel to the forces of a crash from your helmet directly to your body, bypassing your neck. They call it Alternative Load Path Technology, or ALPT(r). With this system, fit is very important which is why Leatt neck braces have multiple adjustment points. The brace has to be able to fit a variety of body shapes while still maintaining the rigidity necessary to protect your neck as the impact is transmitted to your body. Leatt engineers built in crumple zones to absorb energy that might otherwise inflict injury. That's why Leatt can say that their products are "trusted by some of the fastest riders in the world."  Browse Leatt Neck Braces


It's important to make sure your helmet is compatible with your Leatt neck brace.  You need the forces of an unplanned impact to pass smoothly from your helmet to your brace.  Our Bike Tech Talk article offers some helpful information.

Body Armor and Chest Protection

Interested in maximum protection? Look for pad and panels that offer certified protection for your chest, back, shoulders, sides and elbows. Some Leatt chest protectors are integrated with a Leatt neck brace. Ventilation slots along with MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics enhance comfort. Browse Leatt Body Armor

Don't Forget Your Knees and Elbows

Leatt engineers didn't skimp on their knee pads and elbow pads. Look for their 3DF material that stays soft and flexible but then remarkably changes character to absorb energy upon impact. MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics are moisture wicking and anti-microbial. Leatt pads have a slim profile, they’re lightweight and well fitting. All of this circles back to Leatt’s design tenets of Safety and Comfort. Browse Leatt Elbow Pads or Browse Leatt Knee Protectors

What's Your Brain Surgery Avoidance Strategy?

Leatt refers to its helmets as "head and brain protection." Forget what you thought you knew about action sports helmets. Leatt took everything people don't like about full face helmets into the lab and came out with a technological marvel. These helmets are designed for what Leatt calls "concussion and brain rotation safety." Their 360 degree Turbine Technology delivers "up to a 30% impact reduction at concussion level, and up to a 40% reduction of rotational acceleration to head and brain." Leatt also lays claim to a 3D In-Molded V-Foam that "significantly reduces G-forces transferred to the head and brain." They've reduced the outer shell volume to reduce the amount of force your neck has to endure. The onboard ventilation is amazing. Oh, and by the way, it's compatible with Leatt neck braces. Browse Leatt Helmets in stock

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Featured Brand - Leatt