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Longboard Protective Gear Guide: What Do I Need?

Longboarding Protective Gear Guide

This page gives you a brief listing of essential longboarding protective gear (in order of priority). Click on an item below to read a quick description of the gear.

Longboard Helmet: Your First Priority

Racer BlackA properly fitted longboarding helmet is absolutely THE key piece of longboard protective gear. Head injuries are nothing to mess with. Whether you use your longboard for transportation/commuting or to bomb down the local hills, you need a high-quality longboard helmet.
How to Choose: Longboard Helmet OR Start Shopping for a Skateboard / Longboard Helmet


Longboard Gloves for Sliding and Downhill Riding

Palm ViewSlide gloves are a key piece of longboarding protection. If you're doing any sort of hills, you'll need longboarding slide gloves to protect your hands.
How to Choose Longboard Gloves OR Start Shopping for Longboard Gloves



Longboard Knee Pads and Longboard Elbow Pads

Black/WhiteYou don't need any more tattoos--longboard knee and elbow pads can help prevent road rash.
How to Choose Longboard Knee Pads and Elbow Pads OR Start Shopping for Longboard Knee Pads and Longboard Elbow Pads

Longboard Padded Shorts: Keep Hippers at Bay

Black/SilverFalling off the board can bring you anything from road rash to big bruises to a seriously injured hip. Keep yourself hipper-free with a pair of longboard padded shorts. How to Choose Longboard Padded Shorts OR Start Shopping for Longboard Padded Shorts