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Roller Derby Protective Gear: What Do I Need?

What roller derby protective gear do you need?

Roller Derby Gear


This page gives you a brief listing of essential roller derby protective gear (in order of priority). Click on each item below to read a quick description.


          Roller Derby Helmet

          roller derby helmetThe consequences of a serious head injury make a helmet your first priority. Derby girls (and refs) fall a lot, especially when learning new moves and tricks. Depending upon your speed, distance to the ground, ground hardness, and other factors, you can suffer a serious head injury without a quality roller derby helmet. Your brain is too valuable to waste on an inferior helmet. Find a good quality helmet, make sure it fits properly, and wear it!

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          Roller Derby Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

          roller derby knee padsA good pair of vert, skateboard-style knee pads and elbow pads are durable, rugged and other words, great for derby. They will help absorb impacts and prevent abrasions from sliding on rough surfaces. Derby Pads Combo Packs are an inexpensive way to outfit yourself with knee and elbow pads, and several also include skate wrist guards, which you'll also need.

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          Roller Derby Wrist Guards

          derby wrist guardsRoller derby injury statistics show that wrist injuries are the most common derby injury. When you fall, your natural reaction is to reach out to break your fall. This places a huge amount of force on your wrists and can cause lots of injuries. Good quality roller derby wrist guards will help prevent a wrist injury. Roller derby wrist guards come in varying lengths, of which have splints underneath the leather or nylon webbing that absorb the force of impact and reduce the chance of a wrist injury.

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          Roller Derby Padded Shorts

          Roller Derby ShortsRoller derby padded shorts help protect your rear, tailbone, hips, and thighs from impact and abrasions. Padded skate shorts are very popular with our customers, as they make falling much less painful and reduce soreness. And it's easy to find a roller derby-specific pair of padded shorts, which means they're short enough to neatly and covertly hide under your skirt. These are not your brother's padded skateboard shorts.

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          Roller Derby Mouth Guard

          roller derby mouth guardBroken teeth aren't so cute, and who wants to spend all that time at the dentist getting them fixed? Plus, mouth also help to prevent concussions. Start Shopping for a Mouth Guard

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          The Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Rules, Section 9.1 Protective Gear, requires: 9.1.1 Protective gear must be worn while skating on the rink. Helmets and mouth guards may be removed by skaters during team introductions. Failure to wear required protective gear may result in a penalty at the referees' discretion. 9.1.2 Protective gear shall include, at a minimum wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, and helmets. 9.1.3 Optional protective gear such as padded shorts, shin guards, knee and ankle support, and tailbone protectors may be worn at the skaters' discretion as long as they do not impair or interfere with the safety or play of other skaters, support staff, or officials. Skaters are strongly encouraged to secure or tape down loose Velcro on pads.