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What Do I Need to Know About Skateboard / Longboard Protective Gear?

Whether you're new to the sport of skateboarding or longboarding, or you've been boarding for years, we hope you'll find helpful articles on our Skateboard / Longboard Gear Guides Home Page. Clearly you'll need a helmet, but there are so many options. Plus, skateboard helmets aren't the same as bicycle helmets. We've tried to clear up any confusion. Also, wrist protection is imperative to skateboarders, but longboarders need different protection. We've addressed this in some of our "how to choose" articles. Look around. We want you to have fun out there, and stay safe!

For starters check out,  Skateboard Protective Gear Guide: What do I need? or Longboard Protective Gear Guide: What Do I Need? for a list of skateboard protective gear in order of importance.

This article will help you examine just what your needs might be for ski protective gear, whether you're a novice or seasoned skier.

To find out how to choose each piece of gear, check out the links below:

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