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Save Money Now – Spend It On Food & Drink Later

We hope this never happens to you, but here at SportsProtective we’ve all been guilty and paid the fine. We’re talking about the ski shop at the resort.

The crime - “I forgot my insert missing gear here.”  The penalty – purchasing overpriced equipment from the limited selection offered at the mountain. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on the things you like to do AFTER you’re done skiing for the day?

Here’s how to not get caught – Plan ahead, choose the right equipment for your type of skiing and ability, then purchase it at competitive prices so you don’t over spend. Start with our Protective Gear Guides to determine what you really need. A helmet is obvious, many mountains are now requiring ski helmets. But what about tailbone protection or knee pads? Are you into, or getting into ski racing? We have protective gear specifically for ski racers.

Look around. We think you'll find articles of interest. Then gear up and go skiing! You’ll want to get in as many runs as you can before it’s time to spend some of your extra cash at the biergarten.

Ski Party


What Do You Know About You?

What type of skiing do you do? Freestyle in the park? Are you running chutes off the piste? Jumping off a helicopter? Just getting started on the bunny slopes? Something in between (like most people)? We’re here to help outfit you with the best gear to keep you safe on the mountain. Everything from low tech pads to high tech helmets, goggles and armor.

Beginner-Intermediate Expert-Pro

Are you a novice or intermediate skier? An expert searching for black diamonds? A racer ready to hit some gates?  We’ve handpicked product collections based on ability level so you don’t have to slog through hundreds of products that aren’t right for you. That’s part of being a trusted outfitter.


What's your most important protective gear for the slopes?

Without question, a high quality ski helmet should be the first piece of ski safety equipment you purchase.

Ski Helmet

Depending on where and how you're skiing, other protective ski gear to consider includes:

  • Ski goggles - Good quality ski goggles provide protection from the sun (UV rays and glare), driving snow, and the unexpected tree branch. Goggles make your runs more enjoyable.
Padded Shorts
  • Ski padded shorts or pants - You're going to fall. Although you're not likely to fall onto your butt, ski padded shorts offer hip padding that definitely will help protect your hips/hip pointer - a key impact area when you ski.
Body Armor
  • Ski body armor - If you're a park and freestyle skier ramping up your skill level and trying new and more difficult tricks, you'll need to protect more of your body. Consider ski body armor to protect your shoulders, back, arms, chest, and ribs.


    How To Choose a Ski Helmet

    How to Choose a Ski Helmet

    Why is the price range is so broad?  What new design features should I look for?  It's all explained here in this Tech Talk article,  How to Choose a Ski Helmet


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    Whatever your choice of protection on the mountain, we stand behind every product we sell. We'll help outfit you with gear that's suited for your sport and ability. Since 2004, SportsProtective has been offering something that's hard to find - a one-stop-shop that specializes in high performance safety equipment for snow and bike sports. It has made us the authoritative source for what's new and good when it comes to maximizing your time enjoying action sports like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and BMX.

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