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Skateboard Protective Gear: What Do I Need?

This checklist will help you select the right skateboard protective gear. Before you drop in...get protected!

#1: A Quality Skateboard Helmet

The consequences of a serious head injury make a skateboard helmet your first priority. Skateboarders fall a lot, especially as you learn new moves and tricks. Depending upon your speed, distance to the ground, ground hardness (a wooden ramp vs. a concrete barrier), and other factors, you can suffer a serious head injury. Don't mess with skateboard helmet safety. Get yourself a good quality skateboard helmet. Make sure it fits well, feels good, and looks good. Then, WEAR IT!

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#2: Skateboard Knee and Elbow Pads

A good pair of skateboard knee and elbow pads will help absorb impacts and prevent nasty abrasions from sliding on rough surfaces. Skate Pads Combo Packs are an inexpensive way to outfit yourself with knee and elbow pads, and several also include skate wrist guards.

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#3: Skateboard Wrist Guards

Skateboard injury statistics show that wrist injuries are the most common skateboarding injury. When you fall, your natural reaction is to reach for the ground. This places large impact forces on your wrists and causes lots of injuries. Good quality skateboard wrist guards will help prevent a wrist injury. There are three basic styles, all of which have splints underneath the leather or nylon webbing that absorb the force of impact and reduce the chance of a wrist injury.

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#4: Skateboard Padded Shorts

Skateboard Padded Shorts help protect your butt, tailbone, hips, and thighs from impact and abrasions. Padded skate shorts are very popular with our customers, as they make falling much less painful and reduce soreness. Trust us, you'll really appreciate padded skate shorts after a day on the street or at the skate park! Plus, you can be covert and hide them under your shorts, so no one will know...

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#5: Skateboard Ankle and Shin Guards

If the plan is to ride hard at the park near rails, structures, or other inflexible objects, consider some Skateboard Ankle and Shin Guards to prevent big black and blue spots from appearing all around your lower legs.

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