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187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pads (Pair)

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187 Pro Knee Pads

  • Professional-level knee protection
  • Massive non-slip design
  • Dual density interior memory foam
  • Velcro-detachable, heavy-duty ABS hard shell kneecaps NOTE: the detachable knee caps are on sizes S-XXL. The size XS knee pads do NOT have detachable knee caps. Instead, the knee caps on the size XS are riveted in place.
  • Double-layer, two-inch thick, over-sized foam pads encased in tough. ballistic nylon upper
  • Upper and lower Velcro-sealed neoprene butterfly straps
  • Adjustable lower belt strap that reinforces lower neoprene strap
  • Seamless hinges for maximum flexibility
  • Replaceable caps

187 Pro "Killer Knee Pads" - The Bottom Line

Stitched inside a rugged nylon Cordura casing are two high-density foam pads sewn together to create more than two inches of padded protection. Add to this a heavy-duty ABS kneecap and you’ve got tremendous protection. The ABS kneecap in the 187 Pro Knee Pad is attached via an ingenious Velcro design that guarantees the pad to stay put over your knee. So if your style is to drag a knee, don’t worry about the cap flying off or wearing the cap out. It won’t fly off, but if you do wear it out, you can simply replace it, which is unique to the 187 Pro Knee Pad (except for the size XS knee pads, which have knee caps that are riveted on). Maybe that’s why they call them "Killer Pads."

187 Killer Pads Company

187 Killer Pads was founded by long-time skater Vinton Pacetti in 1999 out of a family owned upholstery shop. Since then, 187 Killer Pads has been designing and constructing pads for the top pool and vert skaters, and has become the preferred choice of skaters worldwide.


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