Crash Pads 2600 Dry-Power Padded Shorts

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Crash Pads 2600 Dry- Power Padded Shorts

The Crash Pads 2600 Dry-Power Padded Shorts will give you the confidence to push your limits on the bike trails or the ski slopes.The 2600's by Crash Pads are great all-around protective shorts at a moderate price. Constructed of durable stretch fabric, these shorts won't restrict your range of motion. They're so lightweight and low-profile, you won't even realize so much of your body is being protected. Add the Crash Pads 2600 padded shorts to your cart today!   

Crash Pads 2600 Dry- Power Padded Shorts

  • Low profile:  Designed to be worn under shorts or pants
  • Tailbone/backside protection:  1/2" foam pads; 8" long tailbone pad; 2  pads for ischium bones protection; (pad measurements for size large)  
  • Hip/thigh/backside protection:  1/2" foam pads, 14" long and 11" long pads (youth size); 2-1/2 x 5" pocket w/scored pads for maximum mobility 
  • Construction:  Polyester/Lycra; moisture wicking; breathable
  • Waistband:  1" wide, soft elastic 
  • Youth sizes available
  • Care:  Hand wash, dry flat 
  • Unisex sizing, fits slim in hips 

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About Crash Pads

Crash Pads is dedicated to making protective gear that is flexible and lightweight, but won’t restrict any of your athletic mobility. As a company, Crash Pads is the quintessential small business success story. Back in 1992 in the beautiful river town of Astoria, Oregon, a woman teaching herself to inline skate got tired of the bruises she suffered every time she wiped out. For her own self-preservation, she began to stitch foam pads into her clothing. Through trial and error, her designs became increasingly more sophisticated. Thus was born Crash Pads, one of the very first manufacturers of body armor in the United States. More than two decades later, every piece of protective gear the company designs is still manufactured in the United States (though no longer at this enterprising woman’s kitchen table).

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