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Crash Pads CP Pro Women's Padded Shorts

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CrashPads CP Pro Padded Shorts

Crash Pads CP Pro padded shorts combine the company’s ergonomically inspired approach to protective gear design with a snazzy leopard-print fabric. The strategically scored foam pads allow you complete freedom of movement and flexibility while protecting your quads, hips, buttocks, and tailbone so you can stay protected and look good doing it.

CrashPads CP Pro Padded Shorts Features:

  • Strategically scored foam padding for maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Half-inch thick pads made from closed-cell high-density, flame-bonded foam
  • Covered by abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Durable, technical fabric contains Body Care with quick dry function

CrashPads CP Pro Padded Shorts: Real technology for real women

Women’s-specific sports gear is often a poorly designed afterthought that lacks the technical advances of men’s gear. That is absolutely not the case with CrashPads CP Pro padded shorts. CrashPads CP Pro padded shorts are a full technical short for the female athlete. The padded is made from closed-cell, high-density, flame-bonded foam that is scored and articulated to give you maximum flexibility. What makes the CP Pro padded shorts different are a shorter leg length (ideal for derby girls who want to wear them under a pair of shorts), a wide, soft waistband that can be turned down if you wish, and, of course, that sexy leopard print fabric.

Crash Pads

Crash Pads is dedicated to making protective gear that is flexible and lightweight but won’t restrict any of your athletic mobility. As a company, Crash Pads is the quintessential small business success story. Back in 1992, in the beautiful river town of Astoria, Oregon, a woman teaching herself to inline skate got tired of the bruises she suffered every time she wiped out. For her own self-preservation, she began to stitch foam pads into her clothing. Through trial and error, her designs became increasingly more sophisticated. Thus was born Crash Pads, one of the very first manufacturers of body armor in the United States. To this day, nearly 20 years on, every piece of protective gear the company designs is still manufactured in the United States (although no longer at the owner’s kitchen table).


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Crash Pads Size Chart

Crash Pads Padded Shorts & Body Armor Size Charts

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How to Measure for Crash Pads Padded Shorts

Crash Pads Padded Shorts/Pants Sizes
Size Waist
Youth/Child 23-24in
Extra Small 24-27in
Small 27-30in
Medium 30-33in
Large 34-38in
Extra Large 38-42in


How to Measure for Crash Pads Body Armor

Crash Pads Upper Body Armor Sizes
Size Chest
Small/Medium 34-38in
Large/Extra Large 40-44in

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