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Giro Avance MIPS Ski Racing Helmet

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Giro Avance MIPS Ski Racing Helmet is a new helmet that features new safety technology that has been deployed to protect racers from a wider variety of impacts. Designed to give the world’s best alpine ski racers a distinct advantage. Giro engineers created the Avance MIPS to attenuate four key hazards in elite alpine racing—high-energy impacts, rotational energy, multi-impact crashes, and gate impacts. To combat the high-energy impacts racers often experience, Giro’s Advanced Concepts Group developed a unique combination: a stiffer and stronger TeXtreme® carbon shell and a more supple, low-density EP-Premium foam. EP-Premium, a type of polypropylene material exclusive to Giro’s Avance MIPS, is prized for its ability to reduce energy transferred during successive high-energy impacts as well as lower-energy gate impacts.The Avance features MIPS Spherical—the next generation of MIPS and a design exclusive to Giro. MIPS Spherical features two layers of EP-Premium foam that redirect rotational energy from impacts at any angle. The result is a reduction in rotational forces without using the plastic slip plane featured in previous MIPS designs. This simple and sophisticated design also allows the opportunity for a custom fit. Using 3D scans of our athlete’s heads, Giro’s engineers can custom sculpt the interior of the Avance MIPS to fit the racer’s head precisely and without pressure points.
Recent research shows that gate impacts can transfer up to 70 G’s to an athlete’s brain. That’s a force greater than what you’d experience from a direct punch in the face by an Olympic-caliber heavyweight boxer. This fact led to the creation of the Avance MIPS’ unique ‘Hammerhead’ exterior shape. The Hammerhead Design strategically adds material to the areas where gate impacts commonly occur. Additionally, the unconventional combination of materials addresses these impacts.

Additional Features Include:

  • Designed For: Alpine ski racing (downhill, giant slalom and super giant slalom)
  • Hammerhead Design – Highly Evolved Shape. The Hammerhead Design strategically adds material to the areas where gate impacts commonly occur.
  • TeXtreme—A lighter, stiffer & stronger shell. The Avance MIPS’s outer shell is constructed from TeXtreme® carbon. TeXtreme’s wide and flat fibers fit closer together than conventional round carbon fibers and require less of the resin used to bind fibers together.
  • EP-Premium – A leading-edge liner. This liner is specifically designed to reduce energy transferred during successive high-energy impacts as well as everyday lower-energy gate impacts.
  • MIPS Spherical – MIPS Slip Plane technology advanced
  • MIPS Spherical, the two layers of EP-Premium foam become the essential components of the MIPS low-friction layer.


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How to Size Your Giro Helmet

We offer many different models of Giro Bicycle Helmets and Giro Ski Helmets, with each having a different size range depending upon fit system, shell shape, etc. To chose the right size Giro helmet for you or your kid, follow the steps below.

1. Carefully measure the head circumference, as shown here:

2. Use this measurement to chose the correct size helmet, using the cm as displayed in the "Please Select a Color/Size" drop down list (see image below).


Giro Bike Gloves Size Chart

Size Hand Circumference
Youth XS 5.0-5.5in
Youth Small 5.5-6.0in
Youth Medium 6.0-6.5in
Youth Large 6.5-7.0in
Small 7.0-8.0in
Medium 8.0-9.0in
Large 9.0-10.0in
XL 10.0-11.0in
XXL 11.0-12.0in

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