Giro Remedy Snow Full Face Helmet for Ski/Snowboard


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Giro Remedy S Full Face Ski and Snowboarding Helmet

The Giro Remedy S Full Face helmet offers an advanced design with full face protection, excellent Giro fit, and plenty of flow-through ventilation. The Giro Remedy S brings a level of overall performance tailor-made for sessions that demand a lot from both rider and equipment.

The Giro Remedy S Carbon Fiber Full Face Ski Helmet Features:

  • Giro Super Fit helmet shape technology to fit nearly all head shapes
  • Carbon/fiberglass composite shell
  • 9 vents
  • Construction: Carbon fiber OR fiberglass composite shell; EVA foam-lined chinbar; EPS interior core
  • Venting: 9 puncture-resistant mesh vents
  • Lining: Removable, washable soft inner liner
  • Fit: Giro Super Fit
  • Recommended uses: Skiing and snowboarding
  • Safety Standards: Meets ASTM F2040 and CE EN-1077 standards
  • Weight:Small weighs 1110 gm
  • Unisex: Yes

Additional specs for Giro Remedy S Carbon Ski Helmet

  • Removable, adjustable visor
  • Removable rubber goggle strap

Giro Remedy Full Face Ski Helmet: What Is Super Fit?

Giro’s Super Fit engineering process is the foundation of every one of Giro’s ski helmet and snowboard helmet designs. Every model is scaled and shaped for its intended wearer using a database of cranial measurements and rider input compiled from hundreds of people large and small, young and old, from around the world. Conceptually speaking, this means that if there is a perfect fitting helmet out there made specifically for you, most likely it is designed and manufactured by Giro.

Giro: Your Comprehensive Line of Giro Ski Helmets and Snowboard Helmets

Since 1985, Giro has been at the vanguard of helmet design and protection. Helmet technology has improved steadily since the mid-1980s. Ski racing helmets and bicycling helmets used to be clunky things that were heavy and poor fitting because helmet construction technology lagged significantly behind the science of head protection. Thus the cyclist or skier who wanted head protection was limited to heavy motorcycle-like helmets with little or no vents. Then in 1984 came a new protective standard, ASTM F2040, and an ingenious designer by the name of Jim Gentes who had a vision to design lightweight, well-vented yet highly protective headgear that could achieve this new ASTM F2040 standard.

Gentes founded Giro Sport Design in 1985 and introduced his first helmet to the market in 1986, an oversized, expanded polystyrene (EPS) bicycle helmet that came with interchangeable bright-colored Lycra cloth helmet covers. Because it had no hard shell, this new Giro helmet was incredibly lightweight. It was also extremely well vented. And with the interchangeable covers, Giro brought style into the mix. One day you could ride wearing a red Giro helmet, the next day you could wear a blue one. Brilliant. Over the next two decades, Giro continued to advance its bike helmet designs. Giro was able to apply much of its experience in constructing bicycle helmets to manufacturing ski helmets and snowboard helmets. With more units sold than any other manufacturer, Giro is quite simply the leader in the development of protective gear for your head.

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