Giro Sheer Helmet for Ski/Snowboard for Women


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Giro Sheer Helmet for Ski/Snowboard for Women

The Giro Sheer ski helmet for women is a perfect-fitting, incredibly lightweight helmet for skiing and snowboarding. Derived from the Giro Seam, the Giro Sheer helmet boasts all of the same high performance of the Seam, but goes several steps further to stylize it for women.

The Giro Sheer Helmet for Ski/Snowboard for Women

  • Giro’s proprietary Super Fit design
  • A tough poly-carbonate hard shell
  • The highest quality in-mold EPS foam liner, which keeps the Sheer incredibly lightweight
  • Giro’s proprietary In Form Fit System to dial in the exact fit you desire
  • Giro’s Stack Vent in front to alleviate goggle fogging
  • Twelve Super Cool Vents to keep you cool on warm days
  • Thermostat Control operated by a slider that opens and closes 10 of the Sheer’s 12 vents
  • Plush liners that offer maximum comfort and are removable for washing
  • Plush earmuffs that are cozy, Giro Tune Ups audio device-compatible, and removable for washing
  • A snap-closed Goggle Retainer
  • Fashion-forward design for that feminine touch

The Giro Sheer snowboard helmet for women is Giro’s top of the line helmet manufactured expressly for women. It retains all of the protection and wonderful features of its male counterpart, the Giro Seam – the dial-controlled In-Form Fit system, the anti-fog Stack Vent, and the slider-operated Thermostat Control, to name a few. Then the Giro Sheer adds some nice feminine touches like stylized gold lettering and faux leather earmuff straps on its White and Matte Soda models that make it distinctly woman. If you are of the female persuasion and seek a helmet with the best features and protection on the market today, then you must consider putting the Giro Sheer ski helmet in your shopping cart. Giro Snow Since 1985, Giro has been at the vanguard of helmet design and protection. No other company offers more models of ski and snowboard helmets or features within these snowboard and ski helmets. With more units sold than any other manufacturer, Giro is quite simply the leader in the development of protective gear for your head.

The breadth of range in the Giro helmet line really speaks to the commitment Giro has made to outfit each and every skier and snowboarder with a level of head protection unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in the business today. With more than 20 ski and snowboard helmets in the Giro snow lineup, you are practically guaranteed to find a Giro helmet that will fit you perfectly – man or women, adult or child.

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