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iXS XACT Full Face Helmet

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iXS XACT Full Face Helmet is a downhill/enduro/all mountain cross-over full face made of absorbent ABS shell material. It features a VORTEX molded aeration system that provides consistent airflow through the helmet.

The rail based design and reinforced form increases structural integrity where additional strength is needed, while a “stubby” visor design allows for the best possible visual field during competition or dirt jumpers performing tricks. This visor reduces the risk of injuries when falling.

Ergonomic padding ensures a perfect fit while also using the EPR – emergency release pad system to allow for easy removal in the event of an emergency.

The iXS XACT full face helmet meets the European EN1078 and American ASTM DH as well as C.P.S.C standards.

Features Include:

  • ABS helmet shell, for safe impact absorption in the case of falls 
  • Vortex, ventilation system with integrated air channels 
  • EPR, emergency padding release system
  • adjustable visor 
  • washable padding 
  • Double-D safety closing 



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