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Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace for MTB, BMX

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The Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior MTB Neck Brace

Some kids just prefer easy, no-fuss gear. If that's your son or daughter, seriously consider the Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior MTB Neck Brace. As your young biker grows, you'll really appreciate the 5.5's many sizing adjustments. Plus, Leatt neck braces work seamlessly with Leatt upper body armor. One last perk to the Leatt 5.5: it's super easy to clean! Unlike most neck braces, the 5.5 has integrated rubber padding that's super easy for a kid to wipe down.

The Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior MTB Neck Brace

  • Great range of motion increases trail visibility
  • Kid-friendly adjustments for growing body types, various riding positions 
  • Frame: fiberglass reinforced poly-amide 
  • CoreFlex thoracic strut: Split design; customized riding/body fit adjustment with 4 snap-on rubber angles of 0, 5, 10, 15 degrees; padded; snaps off in severe impact to prevent back injury; replaceable; folds for easy storage
  • Chest Supports, cutout design. Includes removable, padding (right/left specific) for customized comfort, range of motion
  • Shoulder pad, includes removable padding (right/left specific) to increase/decrease shoulder height
  • 5-way adjust-ability, sliding front and rear SureFit adjusters ensure optimum fit.
  • Crumple zones: fracture points engineered to react on severe impact for rider safety, strategically placed
  • Easy on/off spring-loaded push button, clicks when securely closed 
  • Left side hinge well marked, opens with coin/screwdriver in emergency 
  • Chest straps for secure fit, clear plastic, black elastic, quick-release buckles, optional 
  • Padding: Integrated foam padding throughout, durable, wipe clean, airflow ribs for ventilation
  • No assembly required, instructions for adjustments included
  • Cool Leatt stickers, 14 included, various sizes
  • Replacement parts not included
  • Body Armor compatible, perfect fit with any Leatt Upper Body Armor.  Compatible with other types of upper body armor
  • Leatt Alternative Load Path Technology, patented. See below
  • Weight: 820 grams
  • Suitable for downhill mountain and bmx riding with a full face helmet

What is Alternative Load Path Technology?  

Simply put, Leatt's patented Load Path Technology, used on all Leatt neck braces, spares your neck and back from absorbing all the energy of a blow. Instead, the neck brace intercepts the impact from the scull by dispersing the force, thus sparing you from a more serious, potentially season-ending neck injury. Working in conjunction with a full face helmet, the neck brace guards against extreme backward-bending of the head (hyper-extension); extreme forward-bending of the head (hyperflexion); and over-bending of the head to either side (lateral hyperflexion). Additionally, the neck brace is protective when the chin bar takes the brunt of a face plant and pushes the neck backward (posterior hypertranslation). In certain scenarios the neck brace can prevent axial loading.

Leatt Brace: A leader in neck protection

Dr. Leatt likes to say the Leatt Brace is ‘a helmet for your neck.’ Certainly that is one way to describe it. But the Leatt-Brace is so much more. The critical function of the Leatt-Brace is to reduce the velocity of the head after it has been set in motion due to the impact from an unanticipated crash. In simpler terms, the Leatt-Brace is designed to bring your head to a controlled stop after a collision.The Leatt-Brace does this by redirecting the energy of an impact from your head and helmet, down through your Leatt-protected neck, and on toward other parts of your body, such as your chest. As a device, the Leatt-Brace acts as a collar, reducing your head’s ability to jerk fully in any direction during a wipe-out. This means your head cannot hyper-flex forward, it cannot hyper-extend backward, and it cannot laterally hyper-extend. This also means that your neck and spine cannot be compressed due to some significant impact to the top of your head. Not withstanding its protective qualities, the beauty of this device is that it does not hinder your range of motion or your peripheral vision in any way while you participate in your given sport. To the contrary, it is so comfortable that you won’t really know you’re wearing it.

Leatt Neck Brace:  Invention from tragedy

Sometimes it takes tragedy to make change. Such was the case in South Africa in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt, a medical doctor and motorcycle rider, went to a racetrack with his son who himself had just begun to ride. There, Dr. Leatt witnessed the death of another rider, Alan Selby, from suspected neck injuries. Dr. Leatt was so shaken by the incident that he made it his mission to develop a device that would go a substantial way toward preventing this type of fatal injury in the future. After three years of research, development, and testing, Dr. Leatt introduced his first Leatt-Brace. However, it would be another two years before the Leatt-Brace would make it to market on a large scale. Today, Leatt-Brace is a worldwide leader in neck protection for extreme sports. Dr. Leatt likes to say the Leatt Brace is ‘a helmet for your neck’. Designers and engineers in the Leatt laboratory in South Africa have expanded their reach to high-technology protective armor that meet varying needs of downhill mountain bikers, bmx bikers, and skiers and snowboarders.



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Leatt Size Chart

Leatt Neck Brace, Body Armor, and Pads Size Charts

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Leatt Neck Brace Size Charts - Look for the Specific Brace Model Below

Leatt DBX 5.5  and DBX 5.5 Jr Neck Braces

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Junior 29.5-32.5in
Adult S/M 32.5-37.0in
Adult L/XL 37.0-49.5in


Leatt DBX 4.5 Neck Brace

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Adult S/M 31.0-37.0in
Adult L/XL 37.0-45.0in


Leatt DBX Comp 4 and DBX Ride 4 Neck Braces

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Adult S/M 26.0-37.0in
Adult L/XL 34.0-43.0in


Leatt Upper Body Armor Size Charts

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Upper Body Armor

Size Chest Circumference
Small/Medium 34-38in
Large/Extra Large 40-44in
XXL 44-48in


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Upper Body Armor

Size Height
Junior Small/Medium 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Junior Large/Extra Large 4'9"-5'3" Tall


Leatt 3DF Knee Guards Size Charts

Measure your knee circumference, with your leg extended out straight.

How to Measure Your Knee for Leatt 3DF Knee Pads

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Knee Guards

Size Knee Circumference
Small/Medium 31-41cm
Large/Extra Large 41-53cm
XXL 53-58cm


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Knee Guards

Size Knee Circumference
Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards Size Charts

Measure your elbow circumference, with your arm extended.

How to Measure Your Elbows for Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Elbow Guards

Size Elbow Circumference
Small/Medium 22-28cm
Large/Extra Large 28-35cm
XXL 35-41cm


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Elbow Guards

Size Elbow Circumference
Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


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