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Pro-Designed Mini Ramp Knee Pads (Pair)

Pro-Designed Ramp Knee Pads are an excellent all-around pad for roller derby, street riding, mini-ramp, vert ramps, and bowls. The wide footprint and full one-inch thick padding at the foam core provides excellent coverage, but the knee pad is surprisingly lightweight.

Pro-Designed Mini Ramp Knee Pads 

  • One-inch thick foam padding
  • Hard-shell exterior knee cap secured with six stainless steel rivets
  • Slide-on style with Neoprene sleeve and wide top and bottom straps with Velcro closure
  • Designed for heavy duty protection
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Sold as a pair

Pro-Designed Mini Ramp Knee Pads: There’s Nothing Small about Them

Pro-Designed Mini Ramp knee pads were designed to provide maximum protection for skate applications like mini ramps or half-pipes. They’re also ideal knee pads for roller derby, and are suitable for Jammers, Pivots, and Blockers. The exterior hard-shell protects your knee cap, while the beefy foam padding surrounds your entire knee and ligaments. The Pro-Designed Mini Ramp knee pads are among the most popular skate/roller derby knee pads we sell. Looking for a youth version? Check out the Pro-Designed Mini PD Youth Knee Pads, (which may also fit smaller women).

Pro-Designed, Inc.

Pro-Designed offers a complete line of knee pads for all sports and applications, as well as several styles of elbow pads and other protective gear items. The company offers custom design options on its protective gear.


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Pro Designed Mini PD Youth Knee and Elbow Pads

These pads are sized for youths, aged 9-12 years old.

The pads are substantial - if you/your child is small, these may not be the best choice. 

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