ProTec Classic Bike/Skate Replacement Helmet Liner


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ProTec Classic Bike/Skate Helmet Replacement Liners

These are the replacement liners for the thin inner liner found on your ProTec Classic helmet with the EPS foam middle liner. See the main image above to see what these liners are.

Important Background Info on Different ProTec Helmet Models ProTec makes three different skate and bike helmets models: the ProTec Classic, the ProTec Ace, and the ProTec B2. Each of these helmet models comes with one of two liners; either a 2-stage soft foam liner intended for skate use only (see Photo A above) or a stiff foam liner bonded to the shell that is approved for bike and/or skate use (see Photo C above). The outer shell of each helmet version is virtually identical; the difference is in the inside liner material. If you need a liner for a ProTec helmet model other than the Classic/EPS, check out the  the ProTec Ace Skate replacement liner, and the ProTec B2 Skate helmet liner.

ProTec "Skate" Helmet Liners ProTec skate helmets have a 2-stage soft foam liner that Velcros into the hard outer shell (see Photo A above). The "skate only" ProTec helmets are the ProTec Classic Skate Helmet, the ProTec Ace Skate Helmet, and the ProTec B2 Skate. (Note that the item names say "Skate.") The skate replacement liner replaces the entire 2-stage foam liner. If your helmet has the soft 2-stage foam liner inside, it is THE SKATE VERSION. The bike/skate liner for sale on this page will not fit! 

ProTec "Bike/Skate" Helmet Liners The ProTec bike/skate helmets are the ProTec Classic Helmet, the ProTec Ace Helmet, and the ProTec B2 Helmet. ProTec bike/skate helmets have hard foam liners permanently bonded to the outer shell with a thin, soft interior liner that goes between the hard liner and your head, as shown in Photo B above. If the inside of your helmet looks like the helmet in Photo B, then the replacement liners on this page are the right ones for you. Be sure to order the correct helmet model and size.

Not Sure What ProTec Helmet You Have? If you're not sure what ProTec Helmet model and size you have, look inside the helmet for a white sticker. It will have the helmet model and size printed on it.

Why Replace the Liner in the First Place? Mostly due to excessive stink! After a while, your helmet may begin to smell quite awful, so replacing the liner is one way to freshen it up and make it feel newer. Sometimes the interior liner gets torn up or lost, so replacing it is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new helmet. When it comes to crash replacement, it's important to know that if the outer shell of the helmet has any visible damage, the manufacturer recommends replacing the entire helmet. Replacing the interior liner will not improve the protective qualities of a damaged helmet.

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