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Slytech 4ARM Shield Ski Racing Forearm Guards (Pair)

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Slytech 4ARM Shield Ski Racing Forearm Guards features SLYTECH SHIELD technopolymer and NOFRICTION technology to boost gate-clearing SPEED. SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON pushes Slytech SHIELD to a new level by combining the advanced technopolymers of Slytech SHIELD with carbon fiber technology to make extraordinarily durable yet lightweight and stiff shells. SLYTECH SHIELD simultaneously offers the best performance and durability, no compromises. Our advanced technopolymer makes the shell stiff and durable, even at very low or very warm temperatures.

If the shell is not stiff enough gate contact causes the protector to bend and expose a bigger surface area to the gate. This results in a large increase in friction and loss of energy and speed at every point of contact. 


  • SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON features NOFRICTION PTFE technology that drastically reduces friction and drag between the gate and the guard. The technopolymer has embedded TeflonR (PTFE) in the blend that decreases the friction coefficient during impact with the gate, which results in higher speed. 
  • SLYTECH SHIELD features NOFRICTION technology additives that minimize friction between the shell and the gate to minimize speed loss.


  • NOFRICTION SLYTECH MULTI DN technology with 3 or 4 ribs is designed to boost gate-clearing speed by increasing the stiffness of the guard, minimizing energy absorption on impact, and by reducing the drag of the gate on the guard by limiting the contact surface area.

Features Include:

  • READY-ON STRAPS that provide an effective tighten/release system that allows for fast on-off and race-ready fitting.
  • The shell’s anatomic shape gives the comfortable and perfect shinguard and forearm guard fit.
  • SLYGRIP FOAM is made with ARIAPRENE™, a non-toxic, easily decomposable and readily recyclable alternative to synthetic rubber, and offers optimal comfort and superior grip onto the arms and legs even at extremely low temperatures.


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