Triple Eight Wristsavers 2 Slide On Wrist Guards (Pair)


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Triple Eight Wristsavers 2 Slide-On Wrist Guards (Pair)

Triple Eight Wristsavers 2 Slide-On guards offer the same level of protection as the Triple Eight Wrist Savers guards, the only difference being one velcro strap instead of three. This single strap design makes it easy to take on and off. Keep your wrists protected as you fall and fall, and fall.  

Triple Eight Wristsavers 2 Slide On Wrist Guards (Pair)

  • Splints:  Tough outer splint/inner splints; removable; inner splint conforms to hand
  • Foam protection under splints; added comfort
  • Adjustable strap:  2-inch wide, canvas, Velcros for secure fit
  • Sleeve design:  Lightweight, breathable mesh nylon
  • Loop at wrist for easy on/proper placement
  • Sold as a pair

Triple Eight Wristsavers 2 Slide-On Wrist Guards: Only One Strap? Really?

The Triple Wristsavers 2 Slide-On wrist guards offer superior wrist protection in a unique easy-on/easy-off design. Like the original Wristsavers wrist guards, the Slide-On wrist guards feature high-density, impact-resistant molded splints positioned on top and bottom of the wrists for maximum support. Durable four-way stretch nylon mesh helps provide a snug fit. For proper fit, make sure the palm fits comfortably inside the exposed curve of the bottom splint.

Triple Eight

Triple Eight began in 1995 as a one-man operation in founder Bobby Oppenheim’s New York apartment. Focused on innovation, style, Triple Eight has since become one of the leading suppliers of action sports protective gear. Triple Eight products include helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, hip protectors, shin guards, long board slide gloves and related accessories for skateboarding, snowboarding, in-line skating ("rollerblading"), biking, wakeboarding, roller derby, and scooter. Triple Eight is also the official protective gear supplier for Camp Woodward (leading global action sports camp), Stoked Mentoring (provides skateboard instruction and gear to inner city youth), and SkatePass (provides gear to public school systems throughout the U.S.).

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