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Skateboard Wrist Guards

More than one-third of skateboard injuries are to the wrist: You need skateboard wrist guards

Skateboard wrist guards offer protection and support to your wrists so when you fall (and everybody does), the brace in the wrist guard bears the brunt of the impact, not your bones and tendons. XSportsProtective has a great selection of skateboard wrist guards, including the popular Triple Eight Hired Hands and Wristsavers, ProTec Street Skate Wrist Guards, and the top-of-the-line Pro Designed Wrist Guards. Learn more about the different kinds of skateboarding wrist guards below

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How are wrist guards for skateboarding different from other wrist guards?

Skateboarding wrist guards come in three basic designs, offering you three different choices of skateboard protective gear. Protective Skate Gloves with Integrated Wrist Guards These protective skate gloves are a combination of short-finger leather skateboard gloves and integrated skateboarding wrist guards. Standard Skateboard Wrist Guards. These skate wrist guards provide similar skateboarding safety protection as the skateboard gloves, but without protecting your fingers. "Pure" Skate Wrist Guards These offer straight wrist protection, with short splints and/or battens that support the wrist. No palm or finger protection offered.

XSportsProtective staff picks for skateboard wrist guards

For professional-grade wrist guards for skateboarding, we love Pro Designed wrist guards. These skateboard wrist guards are padded and constructed from 100% cotton duck with Cordura reinforcement in high-impact areas. The stiff plastic palm splint has a distinctively wide top to add extra support when you fall and to disperse the impact over a wider area than standard splints.

In glove-style skateboard wrist guards, we like Triple Eight’s Hired Hands, which offer maximum shock absorption and style in a versatile pair of skateboard gloves. The impact-resistant, removable front and back splints offer hand protection and wrist protection for skateboarding or any action sport.

Do you still have questions about which skateboard wrist guards are right for you?

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