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Snowboard Body Armor

Snowboard body armor: Ride hard, land soft. Choose the best snowboarding body armor from our great selection below

Just learning to snowboard or ready to try a brand new trick? Don’t let the thought of wipe-outs stop you. Snowboard armor can protect your upper body from the hard hits that come with hard riding. Shop our great selection of snowboarding body armor, like Vigilante body armor, POC VPD 2.0 sport jacket, Crash Pads body armor, and other top brands. Learn more about snowboard body armor below.

Why do I need snowboarding body armor?

You might not think you need snowboard armor. Maybe you’re just learning to snowboard and know you won’t be doing any serious tricks for a while. Or maybe you’re confident in your snowboarding abilities and don’t worry about wiping out. No matter where you are on the snowboarding spectrum, snowboard body armor can protect your chest, back, and shoulders from hard hits on ice or packed snow (or any rocks or logs that might be under the snow). Good quality snowboarding body armor:
  • Protects your spine, shoulders, arms, torso, and back
  • Reduces the force of impact during falls
  • Gives you body protection while you learn to snowboard or practice new tricks
  • Can be worn under your existing jacket or hoodie
  • Comes in many different designs and styles to suit your needs
  • Adds another thin layer of insulation to keep you warm
  • Can give you the confidence to push your limits safely

XSportsProtective staff picks for snowboard body armor

We love Vigilante Air body armor, which is designed to provide maximum upper body protection without restricting movement. The Vigilante Air offers spine/back, shoulder, elbow, and side protection in a long-sleeved, low profile jacket design that fits easily under your current jacket or hoodie. Other great features of the Vigilante Air snowboard body armor:
  • Ergonomic design to allow maximum mobility
  • Articulated foam back/spine pads; flexible plastic shell pads on shoulders and elbows; foam side pads
  • Stretch, breathable mesh fabric
  • Cup-fit shoulder and elbow pads for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Shoulder and elbow pads made from same soft, durable resin used for mouth guards
  • Full front-zip design for easy on and off
  • Attached, adjustable belt to fit most waist sizes
  • Extended length sleeve with integrated thumb hole
  • Double-stitching for maximum durability

In T-shirt styled snowboard body armor, we like POC VPD Tee upper body armor, which provides top-of-the-line protection for your spine, chest, and shoulders. The short-sleeved, zipper-front POC VPD snowboarding armor features:
  • Oversized, removable high-density VPD Spine Protector
  • Foam webbing sewn directly into the pocket that holds the POC VPD Spine Protector in place
  • Ventilated cushioned polypropylene hard shells to protect your chest, shoulders, and upper arms
  • Four adjustable straps to keep the shoulder, arm, and chest hard shells in place
  • Breathable, reinforced spandex mesh fabric
  • Lightweight design for excellent mobility and range of motion
  • Six-inch, heavy-duty, removable spandex waist belt

We’re fans of all things Crash Pads, like Crash Pads 6100 body armor, which is designed to give snowboarders, mountain bikers, or skatersupper body protection without sacrificing range of motion. Crash Pads 6100 snowboard body armor provides excellent soft-padded protection for your back, sides, shoulders, and the full length of your arms. Other great features include:
  • Precise ergonomic fit for any torso shape
  • Full front-zip design for easy on and off
  • Heavy-duty, Velcro spandex belt to fit a large range of waist sizes
  • Four-way stretch, breathable mesh fabric for maximum durability and comfort
  • Adjustable elbow and thumb bands for exact arm pad positioning
  • Fits perfectly under or over your base layer or under your jacket

Have more questions about snowboard body armor?

If you need more information, check out our Snowboard Learning Center. If you have a question about a specific piece of snowboard body armor (or other snowboard protective gear), please call or email us. We’re here for you. Spend less time shopping and more time enjoying snowboarding – and life.