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G-Form PRO-X Elbow Guards (Pair)

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The PRO-X Elbow Pads are a perfect addition to any kit. G-Form pads are so lightweight and low-profile that they’ll never get in the way or inhibit your performance. Their compression fit ensures that the pads will always stay center on your elbow, no matter how hard you fall. 

What You Should Know About G-Form's RPT™ Reactive Protection Technology

Why does G-Form protective gear have such a unique look? Because it uses G-Form's proprietary RPT™ technology. G-Form engineers combined their own materials with PORON XRD to produce padding that, at the molecular level, stiffens on impact to absorb and redistribute energy. In it's normal state, the padding material is soft, light and flexible. That's why G-Form garments are so comfortable.

You'll enjoy great freedom of movement with G-Form because of their unique pad design. It's molded with ridges and hinges so the padding can flex as you do. Positioning the pads on the outside forms a protective exoskeleton. G-Form does a nice job of putting the right material in the right places for protection without slowing you down.


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