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What is Leatt 360° Turbine Technology?

Posted: March 23 2017 in Protective Gear News

Bike Helmets for mountain biking and BMX need more than just a hard shell to keep you safe. Recently, Leatt has added 360° Turbine Technology to their helmets. Find out what it is and if it really can offer you better protection.

Product Spotlight: 7iDP Transition Suit

Posted: March 21 2017 in Protective Gear News

Lightweight protection that is capable of being put through the rigors of downhill mountain biking, that is the 7iDP Transition Suit. A customizable armor that 7iDP has ever made compatible with Leatt Neck Brace. Come read about what else it offers.

How To Choose 7iDP Body Armor

Posted: March 16 2017 in Protective Gear News

We have talked about 7iDP limb pads, but now it is time to learn about their body armor. 7iDP's great designs can fit every riders' needs. Find out which 7iDP body armor is right for your riding style.

Product Spotlight: 7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet

Posted: March 13 2017 in Protective Gear News

Who doesn't love good gear at an incredible price? The 7iDP M1 is a modestly priced full face helmet that gives solid protection at a price that won't break the bank. Come see why it will be a hit with many riders this bike season!

How to Choose 7iDP Limb Pads

Posted: March 10 2017 in Protective Gear News

7iDP has made a name for themselves with their "Intelligently Designed Protection." Learn about which 7iDP limb pads fit your riding needs and why their protection is causing a stir in mountain biking.

Leatt Makes Product Compatibility a Priority

Posted: March 03 2017 in Protective Gear News

Compatibility is one of the most important aspects of buying protective equipment for MTB or BMX. Very few riders only protect one part of their body. Whether it is your head, neck, shoulders, chest, back or limbs most riders make a conscience decision to wear some form of protective equipment for their safety while mountain biking or BMX. One question we constantly get from customers is what products go well with others? Can you cross brands?

One company that has done an incredible job of outfitting their riders with compatible equipment is Leatt. Starting with neck braces in the early 2000s, almost 15 years later, Leatt has forged into both bicycle helmets and body armor. They believe their designs, innovations, and technology are not only best to protect a rider’s neck and spine, but their entire body.

How Leatt Products Fit Together

The hub of Leatt Full body protection is their DBX neck braces. It is their first and most important product, and we believe all their other products should work seamlessly with it. Their helmets and body armor are designed to fit perfectly with their neck braces, almost like a puzzle that each rider can put together.

Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 Helmet

Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 Full Face Helmet

When it comes to Leatt full face helmets, at SportsProtective, we carry the Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 helmet for MTB and BMX. The DBX 5.0 full face helmet features the innovative 360 Turbine technology which can help to reduce trauma during head impact, especially the impact of rotational forces.

The Leatt DBX 5.0 does have specific features that make it the go-to choice when purchasing a full face helmet that has excellent compatibility with your Leatt neck brace. The helmet and brace are made to go together with integrated compatibility.

  • Its shape is specifically designed to be integrated with the Leatt Neck Brace striking platform. The striking platform is the padded area around the neck brace where the helmet can strike during an impact.
  • The back of the helmet has a rear hyperextension impact platform with a neck brace optimized shape that allows for a more integrated fit between the helmet and neck brace. The shape of the two products fit well together, where they can or will interact (More information about compatibility in the video below)

Overall, many helmets will work with a Leatt neck brace, but the DBX 5.0 V12 helmet has additional added features that make it the best option if you are looking to purchase a compatible helmet to go with your neck brace.

Leatt Body Armor

At SportsProtective, we offer both hard and soft shell Leatt body armor for MTB and BMX. Riders can be very particular about their armor but Leatt has made an effort to integrate the Leatt neck brace into both of their designs.

Leatt Body Protector 5.5

Leatt DBX 5.5 Body ProtectorThe Leatt Body Protector 5.5 is an all-encompassing upper body protector constructed from hard shell impact material. It includes protection for the back, chest, ribs, flank, shoulders and offers a maximum level of protection. It does not provide added neck brace and is intended to be worn with a separately purchased Leatt neck brace.

When it comes to neck brace integration and compatibility, the Leatt Body Protector 5.5 has a FlipFit front and rear function and BraceOn neck brace fitting system. This integrated system allows over and under the shirt fitting with Leatt neck braces. The front and back support structures of the neck brace are inserted into the fit system and sits comfortably within the body armor during use.

Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite

Leatt 3DF AirFit Body ProtectorWhen it comes to soft shell protection, the Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite offers excellent protection for riders who don’t want a cumbersome, hard shell armor. While it might not have the level of protection of a hard shell armor like the Leatt Body Protector 5.5, the AirFit Lite offers significant protection.

The 3DF AirFit Lite has integration features that help compatibility with Leatt neck braces, including a soft shell variant of the BraceOn neck brace fitting system. At the shoulders, the Leatt 3DF AirFit Lite has two elastic tabs that lock into your Leatt neck brace shoulder supports, this secures the brace to the armor and reduces movement while riding. The back of the armor offers a guide for the Leatt neck brace’s rear thoracic strut.

Leatt is a brand with a great story. We think they offer riders comprehensive and compatible products with excellent integration to one another. 

Learn more about Leatt and shop their products.

Product Spotlight: Leatt Fusion 2.0 Vest for Juniors

Posted: March 02 2017 in Protective Gear News

We regularly hear from worried parents, "My child is starting to ride, but it makes me nervous." In this article we talk about a single piece of equipment that will protect your child's neck, back, chest and shoulders.

Ski Race Helmets that meet FIS Standard

Posted: February 28 2017 in Protective Gear News

Check out our selection of FIS approved ski race helmets to outfit you - or your young racer - in the right gear!

Leatt DBX Neck Brace Testimonials

Posted: February 24 2017 in Protective Gear News

Leatt products constantly recieve excellent feedback and testimonials. We take a look at some interesting ones where riders feel they owe a debt to Leatt and the DBX neck brace.

A Look at Leatt's Testing Process and Results

Posted: February 23 2017 in Protective Gear News

The Leatt brand does extensive research and testing to their products. In this blog we explore and discuss their testing methods and results. The results are rather surprising.
This is a test of the blog mash up.