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iXS Cleaver Knee / Shin Guard (Pair)

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our part num: B-482513500001S

iXS Cleaver Knee / Shin Guard (Pair) The Cleaver knee and shin protector are based on the super light "Mallet" series, however they are more thickly padded and protected for improved protection and are ideal mainly for racing. Manufactured from two components, the hard shells combine optimal protection with outstanding comfort. The patented Squeeze box™ system allows the protector to move when pedaling and supports a high degree of comfort of the Cleaver. iXS protectors meet the European safety standard EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 respectively.

Features Include:

  • Aero Mesh, light, moisture wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial
  • Armadillo Duo compression shells
  • Squeeze box, moveable joint
  • Knee Gusset, prevents rolling and optimizes impact absorption
  • air circulation, moisture wicking
  • Loop LockTM closings
  • Silicon stopper


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