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iXS TrailRS Evo Helmet

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our part num: B-470510611044S

iXS TrailRS Evo Helmet is the ideal companion on all-mountain and trail riding. The iXS TrailRS Evo Helmet provides all round protection with in-mould technology, allowing the helmet to be directly connected with impact absorbing EPS material. Extreme venting, optimized placement angles and integrated air channels provide loads of air circulation and maximized cooling.

The "ErgoFit UltraTM" two-piece adjustment unit creates a comfortable and precise fit vertically and horizontally, guaranteeing a good fit and a high degree of comfort.

A fully adjustable visor with quick release system allows the visor to fold out of the way in the event of bailing, keeping your head safer.

The iXS TrailRS Evo Helmet series fulfills the European safety standard, EN1078 as well as the American CPSC.

Features Include:

  • Inmould technology
  • external and internal ventilation channels
  • 22 vents
  • adjustable visor
  • updated adjusting dial with precision interlocking
  • updated ErgoFit UltraTM system for horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • double-Inmould, 360° Inmould shell
  • adjustable jaws/straps


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