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Slytech Backpack PRO NOBOUND 25L

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No matter who you are and where you’re going, with the SLYTECH BACKPACKS line featuring SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT technology you’ll always be able to carry everything you need without sacrificing safety or comfort. 

Features Include:

  • ABS Compatible: This backpack is compatible with zipon avalanche Air-Bag System self-rescue technology.
  • Multi Impact: Our protectors are designed to return to their original shape after every impact to effectively absorb new blows.
  • Progressive Impact Intelligence: Our protectors intelligently and progressively adapt to the different energies and speeds of impact to always provide complete protection.
  • Zip Out: The protective element can be easily removed allowing you to clean and wash all parts.
  • Temperature Testing: To simulate conditions typical of winter sports, our protectors are also tested at -20°C.
  • No Season: Providing year round comfort and ultimate multisport protection.
  • Modular Protection Concept: All of our protectors have been designed to work individually or to  be combined as a full body protective system.
  • Toxic Free: Our protectors are completely Formamide free, non-allergenic and don’t contain  harmful substances.

VIDEO: In this demonstration, SLYTECH compares the impact absorption of its 2nd Skin XT and NOSHOCK materials vs. other materials typically used as protective padding. 1 min 43 sec



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Slytech Jackets /Padded Shorts Size Chart


Body Length (shoulder to hip)


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Leg Circumference (10cm above your knee)

Calf Circumference (widest part)

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Biceps Circumference (widest part)

Forearm Circumference (widest part)

Small/Medium 10.5-11.5in 8.0-9.0in
Large/Extra Large 11.5-12.5in 9.0-10.0in


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